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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Le Double crochet, Le Treble Crochet

Well I am pretty chuffed with my crochet efforts! Very happy with my double crochet and have been learning Treble Crochet this weekend. Once I had learned Double Crochet I found learning the Treble Crochet a whole lot easier. Below shows my efforts from last Weekend.
Trully terrible but hey it's a learning curve....

And here are my results from this Weekend.
I tried the treble again as was not totally happy about my practise square and here is my second attempt. 

Far happier with this one.

I have also found my first crochet project I want to do which involves only Double Crochet. It's from a past Let's Knit magazine but just need to purchase the wool and I'm away......

I find this book below really useful to refer to when learning stitches in Crochet and Knitting and it's proved very, very useful to me. It also has lots of patterns which may seem a little old fashioned in style but some are just timeless and there are lots of future projects in this waiting for me to do.

Sorry picture on the side but here is a sample in the book which shows step by step instructions.

Another book I have found of great use is this book shown below. I find it very useful as a beginners book in knitting.
And here is a picture of a future project I plan to make for Miss Ells one day.
Quite like the strawberry one at the top.

Well as for knitting below is another little project I've started called Bubbles, facecloth. The yarn is Rico essentials cotton dk and it's a lovely light weight yarn, really easy to handle. I love the colours I've chosen. I plan on making one for me and one for Miss Ells but they would also be great as a present with some soap wrapped inside. 

However I was a little annoyed because I have already come across two knots in the yarn and only just started the project :/. I have decided to just carry on as you really can't see the knots now they've been knitted in and I did not want the hassle of cutting the yarn and starting again as the instructions for joining in a new yarn were a little too much like hard work to me.
This Weekend we have also been to a children's party for little Noah who was One. Lots of fun for Miss Ells......

I also bought Miss Ells a lovely pair of summer pumps. Very pretty and girly x

And finally I can't leave without showing you some more flowers I have received this week.

These purple tulips are a present from my mother in law Janice. Thank you Janice!. Thought I would capture them before they fade away.

  And here is a bunch of flowers I treated myself to today - it's got to be done. x

And I will leave with a song that I've been thinking about this week. I remember watching the final tour on T.V in 1999 and having a tear in my eye because I was in my final year of University and was saying goodbye to some very good precious friends as we went on our separate paths. So this song reminds me of that time in my life. 

Bye for now and have a lovely, sunny week! Leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Well done with the crochet Leah, you're getting on well and its looking good!
    Love the pretty pumps for your daughter!
    The tulips sre such a beautiful colour, and the other flowers are so pretty too - your house must look lovely with all those flowers!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving lovely comments!
    Hope you had a great weekend!
    Gill x

  2. Hi Leah, your crochet efforts are great! This is exactly how I started a year ago. Just keep on making these little pieces and you will be making granny's, hexagons and flowers in no time. And the knitting is stunning... beautiful pattern in green there.
    Have a lovely week ahead!
    Love, Maaike

  3. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I am so glad you did as i can look forward to seeing your future posts. You have a lovely sweet blog well done on the crochet it really isn't easy to start off with i have found, it took nearly a week just to hold the hook correct ;-) Your doing really well. There are so great crochet blogs out there i follow a few and they really help. good luck, dee x

  4. Well done with the crochet Leah, keep at it you're doing great!
    I love all your flowers. :)
    That's a great song!!
    Vivienne x

  5. Crochet is so much fun and very addictive;) you'll love it. I started simple and made lots of crochet dishcloths which are basically just squares but it was good practice and rewarding. Those shoes are so pretty, my little daughter would love these. Enjoy your beautiful flowers, they are so lovely to have in the house. Hope you are having a good weekend. xo