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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Little Mitts

Well this was the speediest project ever. It took me five days. Fab. I needed something like this after feeling so disspirited with my sock project.

I did not know where to buy my ribbon from so through my friend Kath also an avid knitter, she recommended Chorley Market. I found a stall with box's full of ribbons of all different sizes and colours. I will be supporting my local market more often from now on. The ribbon was only 50 pence. Bargain.

These are going to be for an expected baby due to arrive in August. (Not for me by the way) but this is for my brother in Law and his partner Laura. Can not wait to give Laura the little mitts and see her face when she opens her present. I'm going to keep this pattern in my archives and knit this again and again for any new arrival in the future. I might get a file to store my favourite patterns. I love the zingy spring colour of these mitts. If Laura has a baby girl I have some yellow and white wool and have also brought some orange ribbon so can be on the way to knitting these again. I think they would be a great way to use my stash yarn. I have some lovely Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in lilac and dusky pink shades but again will only use this if Laura has a girl. 

I am also planning to make some more little mitts and a hat with some free wool I got with www.letsknit.co.uk . The wool is called Cookie Charlotte. It's a light buff and white colour and is quite textured. It looks quite hard to knit with as it is quite textured.

This is'nt such a great picture of the wool but when I start to knit it up I shall show you.
I have also started on another pattern. Again it is from www.letsknit.co.uk magazine in the March 2011 issue. 

It's called Orlaith Cushion by Helen Ardley and when it's done it's going to be for my little girls bedroom. I've been TANGLED quite liturally this week with this pattern and also took my daughter Ella to see the film yesterday - review is below. I found I had to get my head round how to do this as when it came to my second row using the different colour red could not work out how to knit up the extra stitches. I then went on the internet and found that you use bobbins and inthertwine the wool so you do not just end up knitting seperate panels.
The wool does kind of get tangled still but it's easier now I've done some bobbins of the red wool I'm using.
This is the wool I'm using Sidar Hayfield Toytime DK and it was only 88 pence each.Yet again another bargain. I got this from www.texere-yarns.co.uk but will be exploring my local market as noticed a wool store when I went for my ribbon.  

 I took my daughter to see Tangled yesterday - the new dizney film about Rapunzzel. Just great - a very happy princessey film. Adults would enjoy this too and there were some laugh out moments. It was the usual princessey storey and it followed the story of Rapunzzal pretty much.  It was my daughter's first time at the Cinema and she behaved perfectly- I was not sure what her attention span would be as she is only three years old but she managed the whole film and she is now obsessed with brushing her hair and saying let down your golden hair. Love her to bits.

I have been in-undated with lovely flowers recently and this is a bunch from my little girl Ella and her granny - granny Wheatley. ( Thanks Janice). Georouse arn't they!
My little girl also made me this at Nursery so had to include this in my blog post. I'm going to save it for our christmas tree at the end of this year.
Had to add this picci. It is by the artist known as Vicki. She's been on holiday and is going home soon. She lives in Africa so don't know when we will see her next. This is a drawing she did of Granney Wheats and Ella when they all went for lunch one day last week.  Vicki is going home on Saturday and will be very much missed. See you soon Vicki if I don't get to see you before you go. x
This is a picture of my favourite lady's - my mum and my sister. It is my mum's birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!! and on Sunday we went for a meal at Charnocks Farm on Wigan Road in Leyland. The food is to die for simply wonderful. You can tell when the food is home made. The place has only been open for about 18 mths I think. Highly recommended.
Here is a random picture of some breadroles - was going to take more but got too distracted with eating the scrummy food and drinking pink wine.

And this is a picci of me and my mum on the side. Whoops but had to add as a dedication to my mum's birthday. Love you mum x
Good bye for now everyone and thanks for reading x :)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Continuation ..........

The sewing project is from www.rebekalambert.com/artsycrafty_babe and I will one day may the Dishtowel Potholder from her free pattern's and tutoral's. Looks like a good starter project now just need a new sewing machine - nudge nudge hubby ;).

Here is a picture of my hyacinths they are really coming out now.

And below some pictures from my husband's valentines gift for me with a lot of gentle pushing in the right direction from moi.......

Continuation from You Win Some You Lose Some

It is two teatowels from my local bargain store but I really like the print. The project is from

You Win Some. You Lose Some.

Well I have decided to abandon the the Zara socks. I actually got quite far almost to doing the heal when it started to knit up wrongly. I counted my stitches and low and behold I'd lost one. I tried to unravel or ripped as I believe some knitters call this to the point where I thought I had lost the stitch to try and save work done but alas it started to knit back to front. All day yesterday I stopped and re-started from scratch but when trying to knit past row nine it all went a bit pear shaped.

Today I thought right fresh new day start again and still made the same mistake. In my mind I was thinking this is the last time. What I will do is save the wool and see what other projects I can do with this - by the way it is Sidar Supersoft Aran so if any one has any suggestions I'm open to ideas - but something simple please...

I am now yearning for something simple and would'nt mind just buying a really bold chunky wool and knitting up in plain old garter stich - maybe do a nice blanket or scarf. I would'nt mind learning to do felting.

Thank you to www.athomemommyknits.blogspot.com for the book suggestion will certainly try and get a copy of this soon. I don't sew very well (very haphazardly) so need something like this to help. 

I had a rummage today for a new project to get going with and because my brother in law's partner Laura is expecting a baby in August I really want to do some baby stuff. Not sure if she is having a boy or girl yet so if you read this Laura please let me know as soon as so I can expand my range of colours.

I am going to knit a pair of Bootees Carole Pattern by LK designer Susie Johns www.letsknit.co.uk  from the March 2010 magazine. Below is the zingy wool I'm going to use.
I've already cast on so quite excited about this project. I also want to do a pair of mitts and rattle. I have some serious knitting to do to get these done in time but hopefully they will be nice,quick and easy to do.

This is some material chosen for a future sewing pattern

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Blue skies

What a beautiful  day today. The sun is shining and spring is on it's way. This weekend the wind has been howling and rain lashing down so it was such a nice change to wake up on Monday morning to glorious skys.

My mum cut me some flowers from her garden the other week and as you can see below they are truly stunning...

Nipped out for a walk with hubby this morning and could not resist buying these hyacinths. Looking forward to watching them grow and they give off the most beautiful scent.

Have got my thinking cap on for what to grow in the garden this year and have decided upon peas, strawberries, spring onions and peas. Will update to let you know how they get on this year.

I did promise to show the first jumper I have ever knitted. I started this in March 2010 and have only just finished this a couple of weeks ago. The age is 2-3 years so slightly small for my little girl but I will squeeze a few more wears out of it. I'm definately going to keep this as well as a momento of my first jumper.

It was an ambitious project and I stumbled across a fair few problems on the learning curve of knitting a jumper. The pattern was super stripes zebedee ruby shirt  from Patons and I used Patons Fairytale 4ply in shade 04373 Hollyhock and shade 04308 Sugar Pink.

 The buttons on this top are not really usable as proper buttons as when I did the button whole's they were completely lost. I could not see them, so I decided to just attatch at bottom like so and not use as buttons at all. Plus this worked to my advantage as if I did not leave a gap at neck it would not have fit over Ella's head.

 I was disappointed with the finished item because when it came to finishing off I wanted hidden seams .

I just did not know how to achieve this even though I looked this up. Oh well I'm sure I will do better with practise.
Goodbye until my next blog.............

Monday, 7 February 2011

My beginnings in knitting

Made a promise to myself today that I would try and get some photo's uploaded of work in progress ( my socks ) and jumper I have made for my little girl Ella. So here goes...........

Finally getting to grips with the double pointed needles and it's not twisted yeah! However on row nine now and have come across a knitting stitch called yon. Never heard of this before so looked up in my handy Let's Knit Magazine and this means yarn over needle ( between a purl and a Knit st). Still don't get what I'm meant to do so will have to look this up on the net later and see if I can see a demo.

Knitting patterns can be so difficult to read when you do not know what you are doing. When I knitted Ella's stipey jumber at the point  where I was shaping the armholes it said cast off 5 stithes at beginning of next two rows. I thought this meant liturally on the next two rows and thought impossible. I then used my nounce to work out that it meant either side - so why could the knitting pattern not actually say this? I even asked my mother in law who by the way is not a knitter and we were both scratching our heads.

 Here is a close up of the wool I am using. It really is a lovely soft wool. I shall complete the dreaded row nine tonight.

I must say that I am really very new at knitting after not knitting in at least twenty years. I remember my gran giving me a ball of bright red wool to practise on and my very first project was a cover for my My Little Pony Blossom at the time. I had endless holes and could not understand why and only did the garter stitch. I never completed it  needless to say. I could never cast  on and used to nag my own mum to help get me started.

I took the hobby up again a couple of years ago and have never looked back. It takes me a very long time to finish projects usually but I think I will start having a few smaller projects and a big project on the go so can switch when I fancy a change.

I thought I would include a picture of this beautiful stitchmarker that I got from a small business from E-bay. I can't remember where this is from exactly but when I received this it came in a trully beautiful drawstring bag to be kept in. 
It has inspired me to one day make my own jewellry.

My knitting needles I am most impressed with. I knit too many stitches for the usual sample gauge and always have to use bigger needles. I was struggling to find any double pointed needles in the length and size that I needed until I stumbled across a bamboo specialist knitting needle website. I really like working with bamboo needles so much better to touch and handle.

I have decided to make this blog a site for other things as well as crafty too.

I went to see the film Black Swan today. A very dark, Arty film but worth seeing. Enjoyed this film and love the music to swan lake. Will have to get the music to listen to.

Will post my daughter's stripey jumper next time I blog. See you soon.      

Sunday, 6 February 2011

My New Blog

Well wanted something to chart my progress in craft so here it is.  The start of my very first blog.

I will add a photo tomorrow when I have worked out what to do. Will have to get my husband to help me with this one. My current knitting project is a pair of socks on double pointed needles - Cheer Leader Zara sock pattern which features in Let's Knit magazine. I am using Sidar Supersoft Aran. Not sure on the shade colour but it's lot 98458

 I am finding this quite a tricky project as fairly new at knitting. I find it hard to handle four needles and have stopped and re-started at least twice so far.

Anyway they will have some cute pom poms on when I get to finishing them. They were going to be for my mum's birthday at the end of the month but have decided maybe better as a mother's day present instead as really don't think I will finish them in time.

I have some lovely wool in a lilac and pink shade in the same Sidar Supersoft Aran which I plan to use to make my sister a pair of the very same socks. I am also working to order as my husband's cousin Ruby has requested a pair too as she never seems to find socks warm/big enough for her tootsies so I will search around for a funky shade for Ruby. I have seen a bright pink shade but wonder if this may be too bright and garish for her - however she did say she did'nt mind so think I will go a bit wild on her socks.

My recently finished project which has taken all year is a lovely stripey jumper for my three year old. Again I shall post this finished item tomorrow hopefully. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my little girl wearing an item I have made. So so proud.

Well just had a play around and above is me, my husband and our little girl. I got married in August 2010 and it was fantastic - the best day of my life - well there are several best days but it is certainly up there. Xx