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Friday, 27 May 2011

Lots of things but not fully finished ......

Well  I have lots of things that have been going on and want to tell all but will have to save some for another time ....

But this is what I have been up to.

I took Miss Ells to her first ballet class as she has been talking non stop about ballet ever since she got this ....

for christmas.  Rosetta as named by Miss Ells dances and twirls to music like a music box. So I just had to start Miss Ells with ballet which she loves ....

Here is Miss Ells in her ballet outfit very much like Rosetta's ....

A little dancer in the making :)

I thought I would also share these with you. They were made by a friend of my mother in law's (Janice) and she makes hand crafted cards etc and did these picture frames for Miss Ells.

The picture is not all that clear so below is some close up shots.

Great arn't they. She is so talented, I don't know if you can see but they are like 3D/pop up.

Talking of home decor we have been working on our kitchen and are getting somewhere near finishing. Here are some before and after shots.

 In the before shots are my my brother in law Uncle A , My hubby MR A and the painter and decorater MR S in the last photo.

MR A is a bit of a designer and and he got designing this ace splash back and made it himself and took the photo's. He works in printing hence reason he got the chance to have a go making this. What do you think?  

And this is our chosen wall paper which covers one wall only. The other walls are a buff colour - slightly darker than magnolia.

And another angle of the gorgouse splash back .....

When the finishing touches are done :- new table and chairs will take better pictures but I'm also going to do my own version of come dine with me and invite my victims ahem ( friends) for a three course meal.  As you can tell I really really like the splash back.

Project wise I have started on a new knitting project ... below are a couple of pieces done so far. Can you guess what it is? All will be revealed in a future post ......

Below gives more of a clue ...

Do you remember my owl cushion? Well this is the progress so far ....

Slowly but surely is how this is going as I keep putting it away and getting on with something else. However going away this weekend so plan on taking this with me for a serious bit of knitting -we shall see...

I have also very nearly finished but not quite ) a pair  of bootees for my brother in law and his partner Laura's new baby expected in August '11. They have found out they are expecting a baby girl and they are going to call her Lola. What a lovely name !!!     

Here are the booties. Well one bootie as I just need to sew up the second one. They have cross over straps at the front and  I'm going to sew two buttons on each pair to fasten the straps to. I did buy some buttons from Chorley Market but they have magicly disappeared from where I left them. To be honest I was not too sure about them as they were quite flat buttons and shell like but I think I want some little pearl style buttons instead which would look better.

I have also been pottering about in the garden and my little seedlings I planted a few weeks ago have cropped up. They will hopefully be scrumptious lettuce - I now just need a grow bag to transfer them to to carry on the growing.

  Also here is my material ready for my first sewing project. I just need a bit of motivation to get going with this as actually find it quite daunting ..... I love the bits of material though.

  I shall leave you with some pictures of my flowers of the week ......

 And a little song I have been humming all week, Adele has a fantastic voice would'nt you agree?   
  One last thing I won an award - I am well pleased as nominated by gillyflower - check out her blog but will talk about this more on my next blog when I think of  7 things to say about me and pass the award on ..... 

Have a fab bank holiday weekend everyone and if you read to the end well done.

Byeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Little Surprises

Today I received a lovely little surprise gift from a giveaway I had won from www.miashandmade.blogspot.com . Thank you so much Mia it is lovely! You should visit Mia's blog as she has lots of handmade things which I really like especially the bags.

Gorgous is'nt it? I am wearing it today as it goes very nicely with my peach outfit.

Miss Ell's agrees too : )!

My Step-brother Martin and his future wife to be Michelle are have a wedding this year in October so I will definately be wearing this broach for that wedding as the theme is pink. I shall think of an outfit to go with the broach for this upcoming do!

 In the last few weeks I have been treating my garden to a few more plants. I really like the Hydrangea and hope it grows to be very big.

I also brought some lovely Geraniums for an injection of colour - hopefully soon. I'm glad that it has been raining this week as my plants have really really needed it.

I have really wanted to start sewing and have been talking about this a lot but not actually started yet.  I have a project idea I have found on a website and have the material so just need to get started. My mother in law Janice has brought me this little sewing gift which is very handy for my knitting/crochet as well.

I have been practising some more crochet and a little flower has creeped into my garden!

I also practised a Wheel Granny Square Pattern but it ended up becoming a hexagon :/. I just misunderstood the instructions so will be having another go at this. Quite useful as a coaster though for a coffee cup .

I also made a Granny Square and I am very pleased with this! I have given this to my sister but will be making several for me and one for my mum as very handy as coasters for cups and mugs. In next months edition of Let's Knit magazine due out soon there is some free blue yarn to make a purse with but I think I'm going to save the yarn and make some granny squares with this too. 
I have found a pattern on Ravelry for a crochet blanket which I will show you soon. It has some wonderful colours in it. I just  need to purchase the pattern and get some decent yarn to make it with.

Hope you all have a lovely sunny weekend. Thanks for reading : ) Leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Byeeeeeee!!