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Monday, 27 June 2011

Kreativ Blog Award

A big thank you to The Fluff Pot for this award - very happy/chuffed. Thanks , thanks ,thanks :)
The Fluff Pot is a new discovery for me and she has a delightful inspiring blog - especially the granny squares going on there. If you would like to visit here is the link www.thefluffpot.blogspot.com

I would like to pass this award on to an inspiring blog for me as she is the kind of expert knitter I would like to be one day. Her knitting is so neat and tidy and she does some rather complicated little numbers. 

So I nominate this award to www.northernmonkeyknits.blogspot.com. Hope you get the chance to pay a visit.

Now for 10 things/facts about me for winning this award.

1. I have been working on this little/big project this past week for my Gran's 90th in Dec 2011. I shall get this done.

It's going to be a huge colourful blanket for my Gran to cover up with in front of the T.V. I know she loves bright colours and this pattern really lives up to that.

2.  I did a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree and graduated in 1999 - hense frustrated artist and so glad I've found a bit of a creative outlet with this blog and crafting. This is a picture of our final show catalogue.

 And this is part of my final show exhibition in the catalogue.

Sorry the images are on the side. At the time I was exploring women's suppression within the art world and the movement and comparing with the present time - very women's lib. I was venturing on the time based media side of things. Happy days.
3.  I like painting my nails crazy colours.........
4. I like going on the odd girls night out such as my friends Hen Do last saturday. Such a giggle in Manchester City centre .....
5. I also like singing Kareokee but not actually on the stage - oh no you will not catch me up there - hense the picture of my friend Francesca the Hen above and not me.....

6. My favourite childhood T.V show and book was this. Tottie the story of a Dolls House by Rummer Godden

Sorry images on the side but here is a clip of the show --- I loved it and used to rush home from school to watch this when I was a little girl.

7. I love rummaging around at second hand stalls/ charity shops and finding little treasures such as this little bag from St. Anne's Hospice, Walkden Summer Fair I visited yesterday.
Really needed a little bag to sling over my shoulder and you can't argue for a £1.00 can you....;) 
8.  I love watching this timeless classic with Miss Ells on a wet and windy day but this old version not to keen on the new original one.
9. I am a real bookworm and always have a book on the go. This is my latest book.
The Butterfly House by Marcia Preston  " I was fifteen when my mother finally told me the truth about my father. She didn't mean to. She meant to keep it a secret forever. If she'd succeeded, it might have saved us all."  ............. Just a little snippet from the back. A bit of a good mystery....

10. I really love watching my daughter's creativity develop and here is her latest piece -a card she did for Father's day.....

And above is Miss Ells as Lady Gaa Gaa x

Well I am having a me day Monday today which is why I've found time to catch up on my blog. It's glorious sunshine and I'm enjoying a lovely pottering about day.  Think I'm going to work on a little something for my swap partner in the magic ball swap as want to add a made something but not telling until my swap partner receives her parcel..... so watch this space ............

Have a lovely sunny week everyone.

Leah :)   

Monday, 13 June 2011

Trip away part 2 picci's

Afternoon all! Before I begin I have to say I'm getting quite excited about a swap going on at www.hookinwithlaalaa.blogspot.com . I have lots of little treasure idea's for who ever my swap is going to be... If you want to join in just check out the magic ball swap at hookin with laa laa's blog.

And now for my second lot of photo's on my second trip out whilst at my retreat with my mum and Miss Ells.

This is Lakeland Wildlife Oasis at Hale.

The Butterfly house - I have a phobia about butterflys or thought I did but not anymore......
Just thought I would add a scenic shot as we walked to the outside part.

Some chinchilla's and a duck nesting ......

These meercats were the cutest things .............
Not a brilliant shot but this is a snow lepard. He had spotted something as you can see.

Miss Ells pausing for a break after playing on the slide and swings .....

A few birdy shots .......
Miss Ells taking another pit stop on our wildlife adventure ......... 

Emu's and monkey's - it was all there on our wildlife day out. If you ever get the chance do pay this place a visit.

Not got a finished tadah to show you yet but I am working on my owl cushion again today .....

Would love to talk more about the magic ball swap but it is a surprise so all will be revealed soon........

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!

Leah x

Friday, 10 June 2011

Weekend retreat

A couple of weekends ago I spent a weekend at one of my most favourite lady's - my mum's. It was just me and Miss Ells whilst my hubby had a lad's day out. Here are a few pictures I thought I would share with you of my mum's beautiful garden. She live's in a village called Warton near Lancaster and it is gorgeous round there and very handy to pop to the Lake District too.

As you can see Miss Ells was discovering her surroundings. At the bottom of the garden is a big open field and we can often see moocow's rambling by which Miss Ells loves.

We went on a couple of trips and I will share one of them with you today as I have ton's of photo's to share so will save for my next blog. 

We visited a working mill -   Heron corn mill at Beetham. Here are a few photo's.

That's Miss Ells with her grandad Ian in the picci above.

I managed to  to finish off my bootees so here is a tadah!

I finally decided on the little lilac heart buttons. The little baby girl expected in only 13 weeks time is going to be called Lola. So excited to see this new arrival. It's my brother in Law and partner Laura who are expecting the new arrival. Can't wait to give them the little bootees.  

Here is a new project I've started - this is my first square for a blanket I'm going to do for my Gran. I found the pattern on Ravelry and will let you know what it is next time as well as the pattern for the bootees above which is from Ravelry too.

The yarn I'm using is stylecraft special DK and is ideal for this really bright colourful pattern.

I have 63 4 inch squares to go I think and about 34 8 in squares. My Gran loves bright colours and loves having a blanket in the evening when watching telly.

Finally I will leave you with my flowers of the week.

Oh and another finally a song that My hubby and I were laughing along to last Friday after drinking some wine and going through youtube as you do. Can you remember this one?
Byeee for now and have a lovely weekend everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Leah x