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Monday, 29 August 2011

Run Run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm a Gingerbread Man

Miss Ells certainly did catch the gingerbread Man however and ate him until he was all gone.
We made Gingerbread Men from here.

They turned out really really well but I would and did add more ginger about 2 and half teaspoons and if I make these again I would perhaps add more. They kept there shape though - no missing arms and legs and I found the consistancy just right - not to sticky at all.

Here we are mixing all the ingredients that have been carefully measured out.
Rubbing in the butter.
Cutting out the ginger bread shapes ....

Decorating ..... where have the rest gone?
Run Run as fast as you can no more for Miss Ells has caught you up MR Ginger Bread Man........

Today I have also made this which is waiting to be eaten for our tea.
The recipe is from here. I was having a read last night and came across this recipe for DORSET APPLE CAKE.  Used to bees has kindly let me share this recipe with you as well so if you want to make as well the link is above.

We will be having this with some scrummy custard.
I was not too sure at first when the mixture first went into the oven as there seemed to be an auful lot of apples but it has baked very well indeed. I baked mine for 45 minutes in a fan assisted oven.

I thought I would also show you this little character I picked up at Scarborough's little indoor market. A DAMMIT DOLL. It made me smile. I just need to sew on these two little buttons as the eyes fell off but when you feel a little frustrated with your day she certainly comes in use.

The wording says ' When your day has started wrong and things go from bad to worse Here's a little Dammit Doll to help you lift the curse. Take it gently by the leg and find some place to slam it and as you knock the stuffing out shout DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT. '

This made me smile and came from a lovely crafty stall in a mini indoor Market on Scarborough sea front.

Hope you all have a smiley week everyone and if not I hope you have a similar doll to me to bang against the wall.

Byeeeeeeeeeee. Love Leah x 

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Little Flowers

I received this lovely little parcel in the post the other day from www.moonstruckcreations.blogspot.com . Thank you very much it is lovely x It was a giveaway win from her blog so go check her blog out if you can - there is some inspiring creations on there x

They are BEAUTIFUL . 
They are on display in a corner of our room and hubby has agreed he also likes them too Yeah ! I also received this lovely little vase to pop the crochet flowers into.
And this sweet little card. Thank you - you really cheered me up x
This reminds me of our sadly gone little family cat my mum had for years CoCo but she always knew who I was even when I left home. x
I also received some thorntons chocolates but alas too late to do a picci I'm afraid as I demolished them last night.
Here are some flowers my husband picked up to brighten up our week. (I'm training hubby well he he ) x
Lovely colours arn't they ? How can you not feel inspired by these colours x I think I will look more into the nature around me to see what colours to use for future projects. 

I am at my happy place when I have a quiet evening in with a glass of wine/cup of tea PJ's on and a project on the go - it's my little happy place to be.

Thought I would share with you this book I'm reading at the moment too.
This is another little piece of happyness in my corner as I'm very happy when reading a good book. This is a little snippet from the back of this book.
The 07:44 train from Brighton to London. Carriages packed with commuters. One woman occupies her time observing the people around her. Opposite, a girl applies her make-up. Across the aisle, a husband strokes his wife's hand. Further along, a woman flicks through a glossy magazine.
Then, abruptly,everything changes: a man collapses, the train is stopped, an ambulance called. And for three passengers that particular morning, life will never be the same again.
If you liked the sound of this - it will be one of the items in a future giveaway..x

In the past couple of weeks I have actually started on some sewing . I might add I have NO IDEA what I am doing but this is one huge experiment. I have no idea about stitches or anything for that matter so it is a total research project and may take some time.

It was fun unravelling the material.....
Of course Mill Ells wanted in on the action too .......... Come on then Miss Ells

So I measured Miss Ells little red chair seat area ..... remember this ( by the way I am attempting a hand sewn cushion for little misses chair )
Once care fully measured I started to cut the front of the chair cover with an inch over hang.
I set Miss Ella to work on her little bit of fabric art too. Yarn end's are so very very useful.
I then cut some fabric butterfly's out. The plan is to have fabric applique flowers and butterflys with a little bit of stitching going on and possibly a bumble be flying by.

I have had fun looking up what stitches I can do and may try out some lazy daisy stitches ( hope i've got the name of this stitch right - excuse me if I am wrong). I got myself some tapestry thread in some scrummy colours to try and I'm going to recycle some of Ella's old dresses/tops.   
Here is the start of my little cushion x
It's also going to have a bricabrac edging in red. x

Take care everyone and wishing you a lovely bank holiday weekend for those who have this and a great weekend to everyone else too x
Love Leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   
Will leave you with this lovely gentleman Will Young - watching him at the moment so think he deserves a spot on my blog x

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lucky Stars ..........................

Well I have to thank my lucky stars today as I have been very lucky indeed of late. 

Firstly a magic ball swap parcel arrived today. How very pleased was I. The swap was organized by Hookin with laa laa who can be found here - www.hookinwithlaalaa.blogspot.com and I really enjoyed being involved with this. It was fun to wrap my ball and to unwrap my swap ball. 

I was paired up with the lovely moonstruckcreations who can be found here www.moonstruckcreations.blogspot.com. She went to the time and effort to send this to me. 

Along with this little card.

Inside were lots of wrapped up little gifts some of them hand made......

How lucky am I ....

Needless to say my little girl Miss Ells spotted the spotty pen (pardon the pun) and the beaded necklace and has decided that's her new pen for drawing and the necklace is part of her dressing up box.

I got this lovely knitting needle wrap to store knitting needles in etc and it's funny because I was thinking I could do with another one as my other one at the moment is chocka blocka.

It will soon get filled up - that's my next mission to sort out my needle stash and organise.

It's a pretty fabric isn't it?
She also made me this quite simply lovely lavender heart.... and this flower brooch. The heart will be sneaked into my bedroom ( sorry hubby ) to add a little bit of girlyness as the decor is very male dominated at the moment. I'm working on it.  The flower brooch I plan to use to embellish a new bag. I'm on the hunt for a nice denimn type bag ... perfect excuse I say.

I also got a pair of snazzy sock slippers  which I will certainly wear to death.....

The yarn sent is fab and I've certainly got plans it's going to be my new winter scarf. I've wanted to make one and had found a pattern but that can wait until next year as I'm going to scour my pattern archives for a scarf pattern to go with this scrummy yarn. I shall show you when I find one.

I'm also plannine on making this pattern from my new Let's Knit magazine called Jolie Jacket by Tina Barrett. I love this and really want it so I shall make. However the stated yarn is slightly out of my price range so looking out for a more budget chunky yarn but not totally cheap but cheaper than the £30.00 plus this would be if making with the yarn shown. If anyone has any ideas I'm welcome to suggestions .

My Lovely new future cardi
Sorry images upside down.
The pattern says to use Wendy Norse Chunky at £2.80 per 50g ball so anything cheaper than this really is what I'm looking for.

I've also been very very lucky as I've won another giveaway. I won this book from an Australian Knitter/Auther Loani Prior called wild tea cosies. She also has her own blog at www.grandpurlbaa.blogspot.com   
so check her blog out if you can. She is indeed queen of the teacosies and her designs are so unique - these are some of my favourite's in the book.

I love this party one I'm so going to do this party pom pom tea cosy for my sister's hen do as a morning hangover tea or possible coffee knowing these girls.
Here are some more of my fave's ... she's different isn't she?
Carmen Miranda Cosy
Chicken Little ....

Sea Clam ....
I really am chuffed to bits with this new book and she is so talented to come up with these creations.

This is what I've been working on lately amongst the many other ongoing projects but I ain't stopping until this is done as it will be for a giveaway which one day will happen once I've made a couple of things. Can you guess what it is? The clue is in this blog .............

Well I'll tell ya ... It's going to be this .........

A gumdrop tea cosy ...
I thought I would also show you a few more holidays snaps of our time away on holiday. These are some picci's taken on our day out in Filey. It is gorgous there and it must cost a fortune to actually live there. I loved the tall white town houses on the sea front. It was quite posh ... so different from sunny Blackpool but I love Blackpool too for different reasons.

Miss Ells really enjoyed the fairground ride ...
Talking of Miss Ells I thought I would show you one of her best friends in this little picci. Miss Ells and Lillybean.

 This is a drawing Miss Ells has done and I'm quite amazed as never really seen pictures of little people before .......

They both like the film Tangled and myself and Miss Ells watched this today and pretended to be princesses.

Any way torah for now guys and love to you all - wishing you all a lucky week................... Leah xXXX