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Sunday, 25 September 2011


 HELLO EVERYONE AND A BIG BIG THANK YOU TO www.madamyt.blogspot.com
who nominated me for the following award - VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD. Thank you! Please visit her blog if you can I really like her Rockin out posts.

You have to write seven things about yourself so I have decided to seek some inspiration on this one and decided to do a list from http://lissylouandthe2littleboys.blogspot.com
blog so check it out below.

I also have to pass the award on - so I nominate the following.

1. http://sonia-and-fred.blogspot.com  
a new blog discovery for me go check her blog out.
2. www.clickyneedles.blogspot.com
a firm fave of mine - hope you get the chance to visit.
3.  www.prettypetalhandmade.blogspot.com
Love her sewing inspirational things and hope I can get cracking with sewing some day too. Do check her blog out.
 4. And finally to a blogger who has moved her blog to this new one from A mermaids Purse which is to close to www.countryrabbit.blogspot.com
I love love love her new blog and also love her old one too. Go check her new blog out.   


On waking the first 3 things I do are… Scrabble madly for the switch alarm off button on mobile phone, lift cover up on bed to let Miss Ell's get in as Miss Ell's is always there with her nightlight torch just as alarm goes on - how this happen's I just don't know she just sences the time everyone gets up and I then jump in the shower as can not cope with my day without a shower to wake me up.

If I had a superpower it would be….To point my finger at any spot in my domain that I want to be instantly clean and tidy and it end's up sparkling.
If I could trade places for a day with someone it would be… The Nursery teacher/Nurse at my daughter's Nursery. I would love to see what her day is like without me. I would love to be a fly on the wall.
If someone wrote a story about me the title would be….  Erm I thought she was quiet Mwar Mwar Mwar !!!!!

When I was seven years old… I loved climbing trees, flying kites, making den's anything tomboyish. I was not a girly girl unlike my daughter.

If you open my fridge you will see….
Milk, Milk and more milk, egg mayonnaise, chicken, potatoes, smoked ham, tomatoes, cheese and spring onion spread and not a lot else really as we believe in shopping as you go and use up what is in the fridge. I don't do a huge shop and shop daily as don't believe in being wasteful with food and throwing stuff away so try my best to use up what we have. I'm also learning to be a bit more thrifty in saving our pennies.   

My favourite view is…Rivington Pike. Great views

The 3 things I will tell my children are… Be the best you can be, be happy, treat others how you want to be treated.

The song or musical piece for the theme tune of my life is…. One moment in time by Whitney Houston.

I used to be…A feisty Fine Art student with a passion for women's lib

My biggest guilty pleasures are… Chocolate, cakes, buscuits - oh all sweet things to be honest with you. My absolute weekness ....

My wardrobe is…  Eclectic, I have not found my style as yet perhaps I never will....
Never have I ever…gone against my principles

My kids taught me…  to be calm  

Life is like a… box of chocolates you never know what you are gonna get. Never a truer word said!

My earliest memory is…. playing in the wendy house at playgroup.

My underwear drawer …  Chaotic - socks in with nick nacks etc etc bit of a scramble mission to find my smalls in the morning.

I feel like running for the hills when….My day has gone totally pearshaped.

On my teenage bedroom wall there was… posters of New Kids on the Block and a couple of years ago they did a back together tour and I went to see them at the MEN arena - they were fantastic and Joey is still very very nice. 

My ideal partner would have the ..... Well need to change the wording on the question as I already have the ideal partner - My husband of course.



Sunday, 18 September 2011

Small Changes.

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all having a super duper weekend. I'm having a lazy one today with a bit of crafting mixed in.

I thought I would show you a few small changes to our house decor.
Firstly my hubby and father in law Handy Pete modernised this for me - a recycled T. V stand. I am very please to have this back as it was passed on to my in laws when we moved house a few years back. We just did not have the room anymore but since then we have changed the living room around and adjusted the T.V stand to fit into our bay window.
Below shows the guys at work and a big thank you to you both.

It's been adapted to be a little bit higher and the shelves have been changed to fit our techi bits.
Here is a Tadahhhhhhh!!!!

We also chose some lamps above but they are a little bright so have been moved to our window sill and we are going to get  lower wattage bulbs.
My darling hubby also brought me some flowers home too. Here are my flowers of the week.

They are lovely arn't they? So simple.
I found some images I really really liked and whilst on a shopping trip we came across the perfect frame for them. It was a snip at £5.99 from B&M Bargains. 
It goes just perfect with the decor in our living room.
The images I found are of Marilyn Monroe and I love how they are not staged but really captured her beauty.
Here are a few close up shots ...............

I have also started another project this week. I thought I would tackle my deamons and try out some dreaded socks. I can proudly say I have got past the first couple of rounds YEAH!!!!!! The yarn I have used is from a swap with a blogger friend. I have learnt to the heal flap , turn the heal and I'm now on with the heal gusset!! I can not quite believe it as was really struggling the last time I attempted socks. However I found a website with step by step instructions with pictures and this has really really helped. Here is what I have done so far and I really can not wait to do a Tadahhhhh on MY FIRST SOCKS.
They are going to be my round the house keeping tootsies warm slipper socks as the yarn is a chunky yarn so perfect for round the house. If I have enough yarn a pair may be winging it's way to someone as a christmas present.

Thought I would show you what greeted us yesterday afternoon. Miss Ells had been to see the bestest bestest show ever  - Charlie and Lola with Nan Nan's and got treated to a new umbrella and T-shirt.
And finally I thought I would leave you all with a couple of clips from one of my favourite films Cocktail as watched this yesterday in my film archives.
And this is a swoon clip ..............
I love eighties girly films.
Take care everyone and have a great week! Leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Inspirational Ideas and Pretty things

Now I remember from my childhood always staring endlessly into my gran's and nan's glass cabinets where they displayed their pretty things. I loved looking and longing to get them out to look at the little bits of china and stuff. Just to look and put them back carefully of course. It never happened by the way with there best best display stuff. 

What I loved most was the display of the best china tea set. Just lovely. Anyway I visited my mother in law Janice's house this weekend and she has carried on the tradition of displaying the best tea set.  She's had a little change around since we last visited. This is her display in all it's glory.

So so pretty. This lead on to myself and hubby agreeing to buy our own display cabinet and find our own antique tea service to display to carry on the tradition of displaying tea sets - through out time this has always been in our little country but these days it just is not done. Hopefully maybe my own daughter may want to do the same.
And on to something else regarding old furniture - just look at this gorgous piece that sits nicely in my in law's house.
They are in the process of restoring this beauty. It is just so lovely.
Have you noticed the cards sitting on top - that can only mean one thing baby Beau as arrived - our new baby niece. She is adorable - such a cuty. We saw her for the first time this weekend and managed to capture a picture of my daughter meeting her new baby cousin for the first time. I love new borns - am I getting broody - YES YES YES. I think we so want a baby two in our lives but next year after all the busy events we have coming up.
Another cause for celebration was my Miss Ells has attempted her first cross stitch - which beats me as I have not even tried this yet - although I really want to.
A kind lady decided to buy Miss Ells a cross stitch children's kit which comes with a plastic needle so she was not left out with all the present's given to little Beau.
Here she is having a go at cross stitch with her auntie Vicky who has visited from Africa on a trip home.
Well done Miss Ells. Would love to teach her knitting but waiting until she is a little bit older and then we are away. Two crafty girls invaiding daddy's zone.
Had to show you what Vicky has done as well. It's so lovely. Vicky has been doing some cross stitch recently and did this.
Vicky's sister Donna is going to make this into a cushion and it is a present for one of her friends.
I'd love to have a go but it will have to wait as have too many to do projects on the go at the moment. It may well be a new year's resolution though as a new craft to learn.

Speaking of Donna I thought I would show you a present she brought for Miss Ell's. It's a little carry case - so handy too. Miss Ells has decided to use this as a storage box for her many crayons, pens, pencils and great because she can carry this around. I love the image on the front.

I have been busy with my gran's 90th birthday blanket. I need to get this done by December as it's her birthday then so I'm working very hard to do this. She love's colour by the way so this is perfect - will show you the link of the pattern I found on Ravelry when I eventually do a Ta daaaahhhhh on this.

Love it wish I could keep it for myself but going to explore patterns and do another blanket for me and Miss Ells to snuggle with when the cold season arrives.

I am itching to go and see this film that is out on the 9th of September. I love Jane Eyre and it is so going to be my next book to re-read again.
Here is a trailer - this adaption looks fantastic don't you agree?
Bye for now guys and have a fabulous week where ever you are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Leah x