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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Recycling potential ......

I have been sorting through Miss Ell's stuff as she has grown out of a lot of her clothes now - have also been busy sorting through toys etc to bag up for the local charity shop. One load has already gone! Don't you feel good when you shift old stuff - sort of quite cleansing.

This has been going on at work too and I have to say I definately have the cleanest desk in the office! It is sparkling. Anyway whilst looking through Miss Ell's stuff I was looking at the fabric potential of some of her dresses/tops and thought some of these I am gonna keep and make into something else - most definately. Here is some of the fabrics saved.....

This old skirt I'm thinking of turning into a purse. Can't sew by the way but I am hoping for a sewing machine this christmas and I've seen a pattern on the world wide web for making a little purse that I could use for going out on the tiles.
Not sure what to do with the rest but I'm sure I will think of something but I just can not give pretty material away .... Are you the same? Do you save something to recycle and turn into something new?

Here is my other pretty selection saved ...

Has anyone seen Kirst Allsop's new programme - I think it's called Kirsty Allsop's crafty britain? If not you should watch this to all crafty fans. Kirsty has been entering competitions such as baking, paper making etc. Anyway I am addicted and really want the book Kirsty Allsop's Craft that goes with the series. Hookin with Laa Laa has been talking about the book on her blog if you want a sneak preview of the book. 
And here is a little clip I found on youtube.
With all this tidying and sorting etc I thought I would have a mooch around the local charity shops that decorate the town where I work. I found some lovely treasures but I did resist on all except two books for the bargain price of 99p.
The first one the savage garden I had heard about before so snatched this one up and the second one The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy by Fiona Neill totally reminded me of me and had me giggling in the shop when I paid. Hope they are both a good read.

On the crafty front I have been working on my crochet blanket for my Gran's 90th birthday in December. I really hope I get this done or it will be a belated January gift. Here is my progess so far.

It is a pattern called Dolly as in Dolly mixture sweets and it really is a very apt name. I love all the colours used. I am going to do red edging in between all the squares but may need some help when it's time to do this as never done this before and the pattern which is on Ravellry by the way did not show what to do. It looks like the edging sort of sticks up.

I have about 30 more squares of six rounds to go and then on to sewing in the ends :/.Maybe I should have sewn the ends in whilst going along?!
 Here is a link to the Ravelry pattern page with the edging I am talking about. If any crocheters out there can help me with what I need to do to do this I would be very very grateful.

Autumn has certainly arrived in the last few weeks and there is definatley a pinch in the air. Here are my autumn inspired colour flowers this week. Beautiful arn't they?

I spent some baking time with Miss Ell's as well this week and we made shortbread with a recipe from Netmums website. It was such an easy peasy recipe and great for Ell's to get her hands stuck in and make her shapes. She even made a broccolie shaped buscuit!

They were delishous and did not last the day. That's the Broccolie shaped one in the top right hand corner. x
Miss Ell's also showed me a new way to eat rasberries - stick them on your fingers! She's had me chuckling this week.......

Anyway bye for now and have a great week ! Leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Hello my bloggy friends.

Well it has been a bit of an absence from me for a while from blogland. I'm afraid I really have not done any crafting in my corner of craft or a very tiny bit - nothing to really show in progress.

It's been a hectic , hectic month of socialising which I have loved loved loved. Weddings galore , birthdays and catching up with friends for a good old chin wag.

My stepbrother Martin got married to Michelle a few weeks ago and they had a beautiful day. It was perfect in every way! Here is a little picci of the new Mr & Mrs cutting the wedding cake.

  And here is Miss Ells blowing bubbles at the wedding breakfast tables. Pretty great idea that was for the kiddies.

We went to a fright night last night called Farmaggedon and got scared silly all in the Holloween Spirt. It was fantastic! Hopefully will do a similar thing at Scarekingdom next year. It was three haunted houses and people who dressed up and chased/scared you. The costumes were amazing. Here is the link.www.farmaggedon.co.uk 

Yesterday I had a visit from Janice - my mother in law and her sister Donna who came to pick  Miss Ells  up for a Miss Ells adventure. Anyway this reminded me of this beautiful bunting Donna has made for Miss Ells. Not a spectacular picci I'm afraid but when we have this pinned up will be able to show you better.
I've given Donna some of my Let's Knit magazines to have a look at - maybe she may learn to knit?! She's a fab sewer and crocheter. Check out a previous post to see what things she has made me in the past.

Even though I have not done very much crafting I have been inspired and have some projects sat there waiting.

Here is a project gift that was given to me in July as a birthday present. Everytime I open my craft cupboard I keep looking at it ... thinking I must get on with this soon. It's a latch hook project and something I'm excited about learning.

I'm not sure what the project will be but look at the designs on the side of the box.  Whatever it is wil be soooo pretty.

And here is another little something I spotted on e-bay and decided to buy. I have never done cross stitch in my life but after seeing lots of different cross stitch being done across blogland it has inspired me to have a go! Also Vicky who visited did a lovely cross stitch teddybear design - check out a previous post and that also gave me a nudge to have a try as her project turned out so well. 

  It's a little hand made card - a nice small project to start with. I think I will make this for my mum's birthday next Feb.

Finally I will leave you with a song from one of my favourite's. I first listened to Enya when I was about fourteen and fell in love with her beautiful calming music.


Anyway blog friends have a lovely fantastic week everyone . Leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx