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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Change in the air

I am very lucky enough to have a tree outside our house at the front which I look at every day. It obscures the unsightly view of the mechanics across the road which is a major reason I like this tree.
I noticed the beautiful colours of this gorgous tree the other week and had to take some photo's.
I might add though that I wish I had a top speck camera as my photo's just did not capture what I really saw but here are some for you to see.

And now as I looked out of my window this afternoon my tree is almost bare :( but still beautiful! In less than a couple of weeks it's gone from the glorious pictures above to this.

 Myself and Miss Ells decided to get creative with the fallen leaves from our tree and decided to do some leaf prints with paint. I think Miss Ells enjoyed collecting the leaves the best!
Here she is with her little bucket!
Look at all the leaves!
We got prepared with our apron on and away we went!
And Tadahhhhhh!
I thought I would also show you Miss Ells feather mask she also made using bits of feathers and glitter! Little artist in the making!
Also Nan Nan's asked if she could buy Miss Ell's a pair of pink boots thought I would blog about them as I think they are just the cutest! 

I have been doing a little bit of crafting but it has been for a christmas decoration swap so will show you in a future post when my swap partner has received the gifts. Watch this space!
I have however been getting inspired by my favourite knitting magazine. I treated myself to this copy - only one left I might add!
Looking forward to reading through this properly tonight with a cup of tea and some chocolate! Anyway I am wittering - here is what I want to knit for Miss Ells. A warm soft scarf!

Using this free yarn that came with the magazine!
I do love that magazine it is my monthly treat or mostly monthly treat depending upon spare money issues.
A lovely thing today whilst staring out of my kitchen window were these -
The geraniums have popped up again:/ I don't know if they are meant to do this or not but it has been very mild for November but still lovely to still see some colour in my back garden.
Any way take care guys and have a lovely week where ever you are.
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx