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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Road Trip

Hello all,
I wanted to show you what  a special time I had last week with my gran who turned 90. It really was wonderful and such a fantastic journey to take with my daughter(Miss Ells), Sister and my mum.

First of all though I want to show you what is on my needles at the moment.   

It's from Let's Knit magazine and initially I did start the project using the free yarn but there was no where near enough of it - which I should have worked out really - der:/.

My lovely friend Kath gave me two balls of yarn she had which was a total lovely surprise. It was a DK yarn and the pattern actually says to double it up to knit with which gives the same thickness as chunky. So guys this is what I have done.

I love the pattern which runs down the middle which is a Deer Cable stitch - first time I have done this but I love the effect and it will make the scarf even more cosy warm. This will be for Miss Ells when done of course oh and of course it had to be pink x

I am so looking forward to this christmas. I wonder if we will have a white christmas. We have had a little snow but it has not settled but it sure is cold. Miss Ells made me and daddy this sweet christmas card.

And my sister brought me this lovely christmas tree decoration - oh how I love shoes.

So anyhow back to the family road trip - we spent a lovely evening with my gran enjoying her company chatting and having a giggle.

This is my lovely gran when we were all being silly trying on hats. She looks fab for 90!

I wanted to share with you my gran's glass cabinet. It is beautiful and I used to spend hours just staring in at all the pretty things when I was growing up. 

Now apparantly this lovely simple classic piece  of crochet work was done by my own  mum years ago. It's so simple but looks great on the back of my gran's settee.
This little piece of embroidery work is by my 14 year old cousin Miranda. It 's so thoughtfull and very cleverly done.

I thought I would also show you what I brought for my gran's birthday/christmas present. It is a handmade card that I commissioned a card maker to do for me. Inside is a tea pot and cup set - I love it. I actually forgot to take this with me on our road trip so have hastily posted off today.

She also made me this as a little extra. Pretty cards arn't they? I would love to learn paper craft one day.

Finally I snapped some pictures to treasure of my ancestors from times gone by.
This is my great gran and grandad x My gran's mum and dad.
And this is my late grandad's mum and dad.

And this is my late grandad's mum.
And I just had to put this one on of my uncles in the 60's /70's.
Before I finish with the pretty things in my Gran's little house I just have to show you her beautiful dresser.
Whilst out and about in Lincolnshire on our way home from our road trip we also visited this place - Uncle Henry's which had a great farm shop and craft nic nac's shop and cafe which did the most amazing food. So if you do get the chance to visit this little place I would recommend a visit. It is at Grayingham Grange Farm, Grayingham, Gainsborough and here is the link to their site if you want a sneeky peak www.unclehenrys.co.uk  
Here are my favourite girls at Unclehenry's

My mum and sister

And me and Miss Ell's ( pinching my nose) with gran x
Take care everyone and hope you  have a fantastic christmas ! Leah x

Monday, 12 December 2011

A couple Tadaahhhhhh's

Had a wonderful weekend with my Gran who has just turned 90!!! We packed our stuff up and my mum,myself, sister and my daughter Miss Ell's took a road trip to Cleethorpes. It really was a very emotional time as we drove past all our child hood places that we hold dear to our hearts. Such as the playgrounds our grandad used to walk me and my sister to.

We have not walked the streets near my Gran's in such a long time but they were so so familiar as if it has always been our home and it has never forgotton us.
I love my family so so much and have vowed to go again in the new year. I have lots to share with you about my trip away but will save this for another post.

I have some tadahhh's to show you! x

First of all I have finished my first pair of socks! I was so so happy - they are not perfect - I ended up with a few extra stitches on the second sock and the first one did not have the top of the foot where it was supposed to be but hey they are wearable.

  I could improve on picking up the stitches of the heal on the next pair of socks as it did look like there was a tiny hole ( this was sorted with a bit of stitching mind you).
What do you think? I think I got the basics. I think I will get some serious addiction to knitting socks.
Any how they were going to be for me but do you know something without me realising I think they were always meant to be for my Gran. I showed her what I had made and her eyes were delighted so they now belong to my lovely Gran to keep her feet cosy warm! I know she will have a really good wear out of them.

My next Tadahhhh is this.................. 

A handmade reindeer christmas decoration. I found a spare flower button that just had to go on so she is a girly reindeer. Quite proud again as learnt backstitch - I really do not sew guys so quite impressed with myself. My limitiations were running stitch and that is it. Oh and I have also learnt star stitch as you can see on top of one of her antlers x

This was inspired from the fabulous Mollie Makes magazine. 
Miss Ell's received a little surprise last week from Granny Wheatley a hand knitted fairy for our christmas tree! She is sweet is'nt she? I think my mother in law's ( Granny Wheatley) friend made this.
And finally I will leave you with Miss Ell's christmas tree which she decorated all by herself.
And a quote that reminds me of my weekend.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in the heart by Helen Keller

Have a lovely week all. Love Leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas Decoration Swap

Hello all,

I have been involved in a christmas decoration swap which was organised by www.hookinwithlaalaa.blogspot.com . I was paired up with www.madisonmakes.blogspot.com

This is what I made for my swap gifts.

A crochet snowflake.

And a little snowman.
I really like this money box I found that I sent in the parcel.

And this advent calendar.

And I thought I would also buy a christmas dec from a bloggers shop on Folksy from OhSewBeautiful.  Here it is - lovely is'nt it?

Here is the group of gifts before being despatched and sent.

And here is what I received - as you can see Miss Ells had to help as well of course.

Here are all the goodies we received.
Miss Ells decided to use one dec as a handbag but that was soon rectified.:)
And now has it's rightful place on our fire place. We decided to put the christmas tree and decorations up yesterday. We had a bit of a hunt for where we had hidden all the christmas decorations from last year but finally found them at the bottom of my hubby's wardrobe.

I love the bunting we received in our swap. Look at those little christmas trees and stockings - very cute.

And here is our christmas tree with the handmade decoration we received hanging .

And here is a cute advent calendar gingerbread bunting which will go up in Miss Ells bedroom as soon as we find some pins.
I do have a couple of finished Tadahhs' to show you soon as nearly finished a couple of things but will show you next time when I'm done.

I received this gorgous christmas plant this week from my mother in law Janice. I love the colour red.

So very very pretty x 

We have also been having a change in our living room and decided to group some of our favourite pictures together in some frames. We were messing about a bit with different layouts to see what would work but finally found what we liked.

Finally I will leave you with my favourite christmas song and my favourite film
What's your favourite christmas film/song?

Have a lovely week! And thank you for reading x
Leah x