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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Pitter Patter of Tiny Feet.

Hello it's been a while. I kind of lost my creative mojo to be honest and I have had other stuff going on so needed the blogger space. I have enjoyed the break but now it's time to share my stuff with you.

Well have you guessed yet? Yes I am expecting :) I am 20 wks pregnant now and went for a scan yesterday. I am due to have another daughter so it will be a house full of girls for my hubby. Here is my scan picture. We have already chosen our name Sophia Rose. What do you think?

I can not believe how clear the scan picture is.  It seems a lot better than when I had my first daughter nearly five years ago now. I could not resist but here is a picture of my baby bump. It seems to have grown alot  in the past week.

Of course I will be making lots of baby things from now on. I also have some other wonderful news. My sister is also expecting and is only four weeks behind me so we can push prams together on maternity leave.

My mother in law Janice found this bargain in the local charity shop. The price is far too low for such a pretty piece but it is amazing what you can find in charity shops really. Now I know that I am having a baby girl I will have to try and refrain from spending too much when I see the gorgous baby clothes out there. I will try to remember that baby does really not need to much - that will be my mantra.

Sweet cute bonnet.
Here is something I have made this week. Little baby mitts from an old copy of Let's Knit magazine Feb 2011. I have just started the hat to go with the mitts. The yarn came free with the magazine and is so soft to touch. It is called cookie and I really do think it does have that appearance.
Here is the hat - I will show you when it is done.
I am due on 25/01/2013 so it will be very cold then so I want to try and make a couple of warm things for the new baby Sophia.

It's been another big event this week. My daughter Miss Ell's has started school. Very emotional. I can not believe how time has flown by. It does not seem like two seconds since she was a new born. Here she is all ready for her first day. She has done really well and has survived her first week bless her.

Here is the progress of my crochet blanket I started over a year ago. I keep picking it up when I feel like doing some of it and putting it down again. It will be done one day and I think it would be great for the kiddies bedroom for them to snuggle up with in the colder months. I have just got to join the square up now. I have using a decorative ridge edging.

I have also made this little heart for my sister as a small wedding gift for her wedding that was in June. So I have done some creative stuff but not a great deal. Mainly I have felt rotten for the first sixteen weeks of my pregnancy with morning sickness or all day sickness which has made everything such a physical effort. I feel a lot better now though and some of my energy is now returning.

Recently we went to the Preston Vintage Guild. It was fantastic. There was a food festival there as well and I tried a Wilderbeest burger. My hubby sampled some of the hot mustard and that was a slight mistake as it was too hot and his eyes were streaming. The lancashire cheese stall samples were lovely and Miss Ell's and I really enjoyed the cheese.  Quite sad that it will all be ending as our city has done us proud. There is loads of stuff going on this weekend too. Wish I could go but we have had party's for Miss Ell's to attend and school early on Monday which is a shame as there is going to be a great firework display on Sunday evening to mark the end of the celebrations.

Here are some photo's of what we saw. I love this car.

Well done Preston!

I am going to try and keep my blog more updated so there won't be such a long absense. I will definately be making baby stuff so watch this space.

Here are some flowers that my mum brought for me well over a week ago and they are still going strong! Beautiful x
Take care, thank you for reading and see you all soon :) xxxxxx Leah


  1. aahhh huge congratulations to both you and your sister how exciting and lovely for you both ;-)) And for your parents they must be so excited to. Bless your little girl she looks adorable i hope she enjoyed her first day. Your little mittens are so cute and i love the colours of your blanket. Maybe it could be a lovely pram blanket ;-)) Best wishes and enjoy the next few months. dee x

  2. Congratulations - how exciting!
    Maria x

  3. Congratulations! I wish you all the best. Regula

  4. Congratulations, what lovely news and how excited you must all be. Don't feel too bad about your blogging break, many of us have been quieter for various reasons this summer (me included) but us bloggers are such lovely people and very forgiving! Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful baby makes now you're feeling a little better. Your blanket is coming along brilliantly, lovely colours and design.
    Well done to Miss Ells for getting through her first week of school with a smile!
    Becky x

  5. Aaaaaaah! Congratulations to you and your family! What wonderful news!!! And how amazing that your sister is pregnant too - that must be lovely for your both. I think the name you've chosen is really beautiful! :-)

  6. Yay - many congrats, that is such fab news! (And for your sister too!) Love the name Sophia, but it's another boy for us :)
    My daughter started full time this week too, they grow up so fast!
    Hope you are feeling well, rest when you can!
    Looking forward to your baby makes!
    Hugs, Estelle xx

  7. How exciting, a big congrats!! I love the name Sophia Rose, so pretty :)
    Time does fly by doesn't it..since I have had my little one the hours just go by so quickly (it's all bottles and nappies at the moment :P).
    I am glad you are feeling better, I had the same in the first trimester of my pregnancy with the bad morning sickness (this was around Christmas time last year..made for an interesting Christmas dinner, as there was a long list of things I couldn't stand the look of :P).
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog, I am happy you did as it means I have discovered yours (I am your newest follower)..

    Magie x

  8. Hey Leah, congrats on the baby news......it's very exciting a little sister for Miss Ell's.
    I'm sure she'll be a wonderful help when Sophia is born. It's such a lovely name you've chosen.
    Mis Ell's look very cute n her school uniform too.
    Glad you're feeling more energetic now and over the 'yukky' stage, certainly isn't fun.
    So nice that you and your sister can share such a wonderful time in your lives with new bubs.
    Your blanket is coming along and will no doubt get lots of use when it is finished an be enjoyed for years to come.
    Lots happening at your place, a great catchup........

    CLaire x

  9. Waaaaayyyyyy. Congratulations!!!!!!!

    Glad it's all going well for you, Miss Ells is looking very grown up.
    Nice to see you back.