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Friday, 27 January 2012

January Monthly Make 2012


Well I am taking part in the Monthly make 2012 which was the idea of www.thefeltfairyuk.blogspot.com
 and this is what I have made for Jannuary.

A pom pom scarf for Miss Ells.

Perfect for snuggling in on cold frosty mornings x
I really like the dear aran pattern and it was a joy to knit up.
It was the first time I had made pom poms since primary school and Miss Ell's loves these too!
 I got this pattern from Let's Knit magazine December 2011. I thought the little girl in the picture looked so much like Miss Ells that I had to make this scarf.

Now I am going to try and work out how to do the flicker thing for the January group to display the monthly make on there.
I am also partnered up with Annie at the felt fairy for the Valentine swap so busy deciding what to make so I'm sure you will be able to see what I have made for the swap in the February 2012 make.

I have also been creative in the kitchen and came across a recipe for cornflake cookies on someone's blog. For the life of me I just can not re-call who's blog this was now so I did a google search and found that there were tons of recipies for cornflake cookies so I went for this variation of the recipe. /www.taste.com.au/recipes/13559/sultana+cornflake+cookies
I thought it was such an unusual recipe. I had heard of cornflake cakes made with chocolate but never heard of this before.

They did turn out a little like Rock Cakes , quite a hard buscuit but if you don't mind this give them a go. Miss Ell's enjoyed making them but to be honest I won't be making them again as I found they were a little too hard for my liking.

They turned out well - well done Miss Ell's.
Anyway I'm off to check out other monthly makes now on Flicker and try and upload my own. Have a lovely weekend! Leah x  


Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Sewing Machine eeeeeeeeeeek!

Hi guys,

Happy New Year everyone! Well I am very excited with my new toy - my lovely new sewing machine.
This is my first ever sewing machine and it's the first time I have ever used one. Am I mad or what for getting a machine without ever using one yes I am I openly admit it but I love love love it.

I was so frustrated by the amount of sewing projects out there that you just totally need a sewing machine for. I have been itching to make little dresses for my daughter.

Anyway I've got my machine out a couple of times and when you don't have a clue what you are doing it's a mine field I can tell you. With a little bit of reading the guidance manual and a lot of looking up on the web I managed to just about thread my thread and work out the bobbin etc.

I have now even managed a few practice bits of straight lines - circles etc.

I really love this machine - it is a Tayota and has 21 different stitches.

Here it is .

straight lines - with a few tips from the net I decided to draw some lines and squiggles on some material and try and follow the lines. At first I was just rushing and did not realise that you can stop and control the stitching which I have worked out now just about.
Here's a few of my samples.
I have also found a perfect project for my first project on the net for a peg bag so this afternoon while the hubby and Miss Ell's watch Dart's from Lakeside with wolfy and ted the count hankey ( love it that the dart's is back on again by the way) I am going to get started on my project using the above stipey material and an old red bedsheet that we have never used but is far too small for our bed!    
I am so excited about this year and all it's possibilities - It's a big year too. Miss Ell's starts primary school in September eeeeeeeeeeek. I know I'm going to be an emotional wreck but I won't show Miss Ell's this for her exciting time. I have three weddings to attend one being my younger sisters in June and I'm going on a fantastic hen do in May with little sister ( who is 31 so not so little any more!) and eight other girlies to Marbella whoop whoop! Hopefully all this will far outweigh any crappy stuff that may go on this year.
I have a couple of resolutions this year too.

1. To do excercise three times a week and build on this to up it to five times a week! We shall see on this one.

2. To make more time for my hubby as day to day life gets in the way so more me and hubby time is needed. 

3. To spend more time with Miss Ell's with learning her letter's , maths etc.

And that's it don't want to push the boat out too much on new year's resolutions there! 

I thought I would share with you a couple of hand made gifts Miss Ell's received for christmas. Not by me but one is from Donna who I have talked about previously on here - she is a brilliant crafter and should open her own business - may be do a web shop hint hint nudge nudge! Donna made this crochet scarf and one of my mother in law's friends made this hat I think. I kind of lost track of who all the different gifts were from in the end as it was just chaos with christmas paper flying everywhere!
Any way so as styled by Miss Ell's x
I love the detail with the sewn on hearts.

And the E for ella x

My mum has been passing on to me a magazine called Woman's Weekly which has been going for years. I know my own gran is an avid reader and my mum too and I can absolutely see why. I love all the short stories and the other bits but what has got me quite excited are the craft projects inside.

I also love a bit of vintage and came across this lovely little project that featured in Woman's Weekly 1920's addition as well. I've saved this for a future project for me. It's lovely don't you agree?
It's funny how different fashion's come round again. I swore that I would not wear leggings again from the 1980's era but I do :).  And I look at the coloured skinny jeans that everyone wore in the eighties - I remember owning a green pair and I am very tempted to purchase an electric blue pair of skinnies.

In the new year we saw the new year in with my mother and father in law Janice and Pete my hubby and Miss Ell's. Miss Ell's did not manage to make it to twelve bless her but we managed to see good old Jules Holland.
On new year's day we also got to see beautiful baby Beau Miss Ell's cousin. Here she is with Granny Wheates and Miss Ell's. Beautiful x

Have a wonderful week everyone and happy new year x

Thanks for reading!

Leah x