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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Valentine Heart Swap and February Monthly Make 2012


I was paired up with the lovely Annie at www.thefeltfairyuk.blogspot.com for the above swap organised by Gem's Country Life Dream. Here is what I made and which will be my February Monthly Make 2012. You may have seen this rose brooch previously on here but in pink. It's such a great little make to make. And I am sure I will make ton's more in the future too.

Here is my Rose Brooch.

When I get involved in swaps I always look for a little something I can add from a bloggers shop. I stumbled across this little lovely and could not resist buying the little Miss for a bit of birdy tweetness in the swap. This was made by Alix over at www.used-to-bees.blogspot.com. Go check out her lovely blog if you can. Alix has also nominated me for the Versitile Blog Award so will chat about this and pass this on in a future blog post.

 Very cute isn't she?

Here is a little crochet flower that I also made and added as part of my swap prezzies. I made this last summer, sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine and thought this would be a sweet little something as it has just been hanging around ;)
Here are the swap goodies I sent away ......
And here are the lovely delights I received. As you can see Miss Ells could not wait to get stuck in and open the prezzies.
There were some for Miss Ell's and me too :)
I love it all!
And this gorgous candle was lit up straight away and smelled divine.
Looking forward to a bit of crafting with Miss Ell's with the easter cards and adore the cup cake cases and little sticks - all will be put to good use x
I also received this little kit too to make a heart. Such a lovely idea. So will make this for Miss Ell's a.s.a .p. 
Sorry the picture is upside down but it is a lovely little gift idea. Which reminds me did anyone see superscrimpers this week? This reminds me of the hearts they were making on there and one thrifty way for stuffing is using the stuffing from an old pillow. Never even thought of this and joy of joy I have four old pillows in storage that I have been meaning to give away but have not got round to yet - not any more! Can you tell I will be making lots of hearts in future!   
I also received this little chappie on a postcard which has taken pride of place on my fridge.

Thank you Annie you were a fab swap partner xxx
I have been working on something which is taking an age to do but will blog about this next time.
Have a lovely weekend where ever you are and thank you for reading xxxx

Leah x

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January Monthly Make 2012 2,3 and 4 including my first sewing machine project.

Hello everyone,

It is bitterly cold here today - freezing in fact but today I am off work which I am very pleased about. I have a free me day no hubby (he's at work) and no Miss Ell's( at nursery). So what a perfect day for a bit of crafting. Perfect excuse.
I am sat doing a little crochet at the moment trying to finish a granny square blanket for my gran. I have done all the little squares - 68 in total and I've done 17 of the big squares of which I need to do 32 in total so not long now. However I really wish I had sewn in the ends as I was going along - I have just started doing this so the task at hand won't be too massive at the end. All will be revealed on the blanket soon I hope as determined to have this done if I try and do one square a day. Achieveable - I sure hope so.:)

I have finished my first sewing machine project - done and dusted this weekend just gone. I am flippin chuffed with the out come. Number one because I managed to follow a pattern and master a few straight lines and curves. I did botch up when sewing a piece the wrong way round and had to redo and one of my curves ended up being a bit to curved so had to unpick and start again. But enough of my rambling here is the finished thing. -

Handy and very practical! This was hubby's suggestion as we had no where to store all our pegs and they had resided in a plastic bag - not very practical at all.

It was made using all recycled material - the stripey fabric was given to me by Pete my father in law. Inside it is lined in red fabric which is an old cotton bed sheet that was never used and was too small for our bed. The spotty ribbon was rescued from a present it was wrapped aroung, The pink ribbon was rescued from an old pair of pajama's that my sister was going to donate to charity and the pretty bow at the top was taken from a box of chocolate. So this is well and truly a recycled make. 

I used a spare clothes hanger from Miss Ell's wardrobe - just the right size to hang on my washing line! I was worried about it being a little small but all my pegs fit inside so jobs a gooden :) 
So that is monthly make number 2 for January! If you fancy making a peg bag I got the pattern from here.www.housetohome.co.uk/articles/Make_a_floral_peg_bag_195226.html
I think the internet is such a fantastic resource to finding great things to make - and so much cheaper than buying magazines all the time but that's a hard one for me to give up too as I love reading the wide range of craft mags that are out there.  

I am also going to add the cornflake cookies Miss Ell's and myself made the other week as a monthly make if you remember these. So this is monthly make number 3.
We also made some Banana Fairy Cakes over the weekend. Alas they have all been gobbled up now but I do recommend making these they were lovely and moist and very delish. One way of getting some fruit into Miss Ell's too :) x
Miss Ell's loved mashing up the Banana to mix with the rest of the ingredients.
They really did turn out really well and I even saved some of the mixture to bake some more on the Sunday. Here is the recipe if you would like to make them - nice and easy! Not sure where I found the recipe now but I have a feeling it was Netmums. They have loads of great recipies on there to try out.
Mix all the ingredients until smooth, light and airy and pop into the oven at 200 degrees C and bake for 10 to 20 minutes depending upon your oven. 
And this will be added to the flickr group for monthly make number 4!

I would love to buy a really nice pretty hard back book to store all my recipe find's - craft finds etc or may be I could make one? Which brings me on to this .....
Kirstie Allsopp Craft book which I got for christmas. It is a fantastic book with lots of drool worthy projects inside and I would recommend this to buy. I have read it right the way through as soon as I got this.
What I really want to make though is the Handmade paper to possibley turn into a Family Scrapbook - or my scrap book to pop all my ideas in.
Before I go I want to share this with you. It's a new singer to me that I discovered from www.used-to-bees.blogspot.com blog and since listening to her for the first time I can not stop listening - it's beautiful and will definately be making it to my permanent tunes soon. Anyway have a listen if you like to Birdy and see what you think.
Righto I'm off to carry on crocheting and uploading the rest of  my January makes on to Flickr.

See you soon and have a lovely week.!

Leah x