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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day and a giveaway winner announcement!

Hello and Happy Mother's day to all mum's every where and a special happy mother's day to my mum x

I have a tadah to show you the cross stitch that I have made for my mum this mother's day :) and I am so so pleased to have finally finished and in time for today too! Here it is - my first cross stitch.

My husband made a frame for me using the boarder of the card as I found that it was so knotty and lumpy at the back that it just did not look right in a card alone. There were times doing this project when I really felt like quitting as it was incredibley hard to do. The project said that this would take eight hours to do and it seriously took me a lot lot longer at least twice as long. I snapped my needle at least three  times trying to shove it through. But I have not let this put me off as I am pleased with how it turned out and that I actually managed to do it. However I will chose something less fiddley to do next time and a much bigger cross stitch pattern to work on which is easier to thread through so watch this space!
Miss Ell's has made me a delightful mother's day card and a peppermint fondant which she brought home from Nursery bless her and she did this drawing inside.
   And  I also received these lovely daff's from my mother in law Janice! They always remind me of spring being just round the corner.
Miss Ell's has also been a busy bee making Jam Buns or Jam Rock Cakes however you prefer to call them. They were delish and have all been gobbled up now - will definately make more as this was so easy to do.
  Rubbing in the ingredients to make small breadcrumbs.
Look mum messy hands!
Spooning the yummy strawberry Jam in the middle.
And tadahhhhh!
And now we have a giveaway winner announcement.
All the names have gone in a bowl  - could not find a suitable hat dear's.
And Miss Ell's has picked the winner. And the winner is ............................................................
Well done Twinkle Star! If you could let me have your details and I will send your goodies on!
Have a lovely week everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Leah 

Monday, 12 March 2012

little bits of inspiration

Hello! I am enjoying a Monday afternoon of craft today when I am normally at work but have leave to use so thought why not I will book a Manic Monday off. Little one is in Nursery and Hubby is in work so it is just me - BLISS :)
I have finally finished a cross stitch project - my first one just in time for Mother's day this Sunday. I will show you when I next do a post as hubby is making a frame for my project because it is so knotty and lumpy at the back. It was meant to go in a greetings card but I think the finish will be far nicer. Can't wait to do a reveal but until then here is a sneak preview on what I have been working on.   

 The design I have done differs slightly but I am so pleased it is now finished as it really did take an age to do. I have just been concentrating on that to try and get it finished in time so now I can do other crafty projects :)

I have purchased this lovely scrummy blue yarn to make a pair of cumfy slippers. I found the pattern on Ravelry and could not resist trying to make these. I want to add some wooden buttons as well so will see what I have hiding in my button stash.
I have been doing a spot of crochet this afternoon but I am also going to work on secret projects for a vintage easter swap and a give away I am doing. If you want to enter my giveaway please go to my previous post to enter. The deadline is the 18th March :).
You can not beat a cup of tea chocolate and a spot of crochet/craft heaven.
 Talking of my mum she gave me this old buscuit tin which has now been recycled into my new knitting needle case. I'm getting quite into this recycling/upcycling malarky!

In the last few weeks myself and Miss Ell's have discovered homemade playdough. Oh I wish I had thought of this a lot sooner than I have - I could have saved tons of penny's making home made playdough. It was lots of fun making all the different colours with food dye.
And Tadahhhhh here is what Miss Ell's has made!
I love seeing her creativity coming out.  I would love to teach her to knit one day too.

Well in a couple of weeks I have a friends wedding to attend and I have been sitting in waiting for my deliverly of a dress to wear for the big day. It has finally arrived - I got this little number from Next and can't wait to wear it. I just need a pair of shoes. I have the perfect handbag but not perfect shoes just yet. Here is the dress - I love the pencil skirt look at the moment.
I have been inspired by so many lovely things lately and this is something I came across that I really want to make for Miss Ell's from an old shirt that was give to me from my sister. It is in good knick and it is a gorgous redish check. I will show you a picture of my progress when I get started on this - by the way the project says easy so we will see how I go.
Also I am just loving Pinterest at the moment and have discovered the most cutest crochet butterfly project.
So will be giving these a whirl - so so pretty!

See you soon, have a lovely week and a big wave to all new followers. Leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Hello! It was my blogger birthday on the 6th February as I have now been blogging for a year and what shall I do to celebrate but have a giveaway for all of you lovely people x So if you would like to win the following all you have to do is 1. Comment below 2. Be a follower 3.If you spread the word on your blog let me know you have and you can have a second entry:)

Here is a delightful tea cosy I made as one of the prizes. Some Rowan pattern booklets. This book called the Reading Group that I have just finished by Elizabeth Noble. Some tapestry thread in lovely spring colours and a cute little bag cross stitch kit x

And a couple of more surprise extras will go in the prize collection too.
So have a go and good luck xxxxxxxxx

Leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The closing date to win will be Sunday 18th March 6.00 pm when I will then draw the winner x