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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Almost done!

Hello all,

Well it is a very wet and windy Sunday today and I am glad to be indoors cosy and warm drinking cups and cups of tea! Perfect.

I am trying to get used to this new blogger but really I am not sure I like it very much.   I am sure I will get used  to it :/

I am very relieved that my husband is back from doing one of the most difficult walks in the Lakes - Sharp Edge. Phew is all I can say. He is not an experienced walker but he did go with someone who is. I am also glad that the weather was brighter yesterday too although they would not have done that walk if the weather was as it is today. I have to say that you would not catch me doing this walk - no way hosey - far too scary.

Hopefully my hubby may have caught the walking bug as I would love to take up walking as a family. My mum and dad are really into walking and we are planning on doing an easy walk that we can do with them and Miss Ell's in the near future.

I had a lovely surprise from my hubby when he got back. He got it so so right. He got me this from a church which was having a sale at Pooley Bridge. It has certainly started my display collection off and shall be used at christmas time and birthday time by me only. It's gorgeous don't you think :)

  I decided today to count up my crochet squares for the granny square blanket I am doing and I am almost done. I have finished crocheting all the squares. There are 32 big 6 inch sqaures and 68 little squares. I have already done a few squares where the ends have been sewn in but that is my next big job. I actually quite enjoy this part too to be honest - it's kind of relaxing. Here are a few picci's. Miss Ell's decided to help me count - it was a task trying  to stop Ell's running off with my squares :) This is not how the blanket will be but it will be set out differently and I want to do a sort of sticky up crochet edge. I can't wait to finally give this to my Gran. I am also surprised at how big it will be. I also have lots of wool left over for another project and I plan on making a cushion. I will show you soon - it is very bright and will be for Miss Ell's. I also want to do another snuggle blanket for the living room and for Miss Ell's bedroom but in more subdued colours I think.

I don't think it will be that shape either but more square.

Finally I thought I would share with you a giveaway win that I won! I won a cross stitcher  magazine from www.thekraftycupcake.blogspot.com  . I have always fancied buying a cross stitch mag but did not know which one to go for. I am very new to cross stitch and have only done one project but I would love to have a go at more. There are so many gorgeous projects in this mag it has made me very excited - here they are. Lovely don't you think!

Very inspiring for today - may be something in the pipeline for Miss Ell's. I found out which primary school Miss Ell's will be going to this Monday just gone. Super exciting stuff but I think new welly bobs are in order for September rainy season as I shall be walking Miss Ell's to school. A badge will work very nicely.

Now this is so so sweet and would make a perfect present for an expected new born! My friend is due in October may have to look into making this me thinks :)
  Now my daughter loves flower fairy's so these look stunning and would be just right for Miss Ell's.
And this is definately a make for my mum. She would love this with the peacock feathers right up her street!
I have decided as well that I am not allowed to buy any thing new for any new projects until I have finished a project so I do not have unfinished pieces everywhere. It may help :)

Any way take care and have a lovely week! Hope the weather is better than it is here right now. Leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Catch up over easter


I have had a little bit of an absence just to catch up with swap parcels and giveaway wins. Apologies to Twinkle Star  your giveaway win will be posted pronto on Monday - I have been adding a couple of extra's to it for you :) xxx
I am not going to be involved in swap parcels for a while just to really relax and go at my own pace with projects with no time pressures but don't get me wrong I do love doing them :).
I have been flicking through my March edition of Let's Knit and have spotted a pattern I would so love to have a go at. I have been trawling the websites for the colour I would like to do it in and I think I would like to go for a sandy kind of colour so it will go with more things. It's a lovely layering top for either the warmer months or winter I think. I want to tackle a garment again with little seams as a bit rubbish at these at the moment.

 I have been involved in a vintage easter swap with country girl at a life in the country and here are the gorgous gifts I received.
A duster/tea towel - I am using it as a tea towel! It looks very very pretty adorning my oven don't you think?

 And I received all these over lovely goodies - the bag of buttons,ribbons and lovely material will be my project for May's monthly make I think! I totally need to do a catch up with this as not added mine for March's yet  although they are done there is one in there for Twinkle Star which I don't want to show just yet until her parcel is received.
This cute little bunny was made as well by Country Girl and has been kidnapped by Miss Ells ;) There was also some stickers which Miss Ells has used now! 
I want to show you this gorgous present Miss Ells received from her great aunt vicky. When I do another cross stitch project I would love to do bigger cross stitch like this. It's lovely isn't it? Ella's great Aunt Donna made a cushion back  for it!
Anyway I am off to Northampton for a wedding do tonight. The couple got married in Cuba and are now going to celebrate with family and friends back home. It will be a good three hour drive from where I live but looking forward to it as never been there before. See you soon and thanks for reading! Leah xxxxxxxxxxxxx