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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Finished at long last :)

Happy New Year Everyone! Well this is my first post of the new year - I have reached 37 Weeks for baby Sofia - not long now - come on baby girl but she will be here when she is ready. I have been a little grumpy to say the least and snappy only because I feel uncomfortable now. However my poor husband has been taking the flack but today bless him he popped to the shops and bought me a lovely bunch of flowers and that certainly but a smile on my face. Thank you hubby :)

Great start to the new year ;)

And here is my finished crochet blanket which is from a pattern on Ravelry called Dolly Mixture. It has taken me months and months to do - definately longer than a year. I will look up when I started it on Ravelry as I am interested to know. I love love love the vibrant colours. Originally this was going to be for my 90 year old gran as she loves colour and hates anything drab and dull. Then I was going to keep it for my girls for their bedroom. However this is going to be sent off to my gran as origionally intended next week and I shall pop a pretty card inside. It is a total surprise as she has not got a clue that I have been working on this for her. I am sure it will keep her tosty warm in the evening when she is watching telly. Here it is -  

I had a spare small square left over and a spare big square The big square is now a new dolly blanket for Miss Ell's and the small square is now my new coaster.

I cracked on with this project over the christmas break. It was really enjoyable and really helped when I was feeling a bit miserable. When I was sewing up all the ends I was dreaming of the next projects I could make and the different colour combinations. I used Style craft DK to make this and I really like it. It's a good quality yarn without being too expensive. I have lots left over too :)

Here are my christmas books I received from hubby. I have not had time to read them yet but oh what a treat - so looking forward to flicking through the pages of a brand new book. I think he is dropping a hint with the sewing book as my sewing machine has been dormant for quite a few months *blush*.

I have been beginning to nest and tidy away - get husband to re-arrange furniture in preparation for the baby. I can not wait to finish work on Wednesday so I can properly get stuck in de-cluttering and sorting. Hubby has bought me this new pink rucksack for the hospital. I really really need to pack my hospital bag tomorrow and write up a birth plan. I have most things I just need a few more bits and bobs such as nappy bags and a cotton hat and then I am sorted. Here is my new bag.

I also wanted to show you another book I have received for christmas which I have just started called The Killing by David Hewson. I have never seen the television programme and plan on purchasing the DVD series once I have read this book. I have read chapter one and think I will be gripped by this little gem of a book.
And one that I have just read is this one Lark Rise by Flora Thompson. I like to read allsorts and to try different things and I really enjoyed this one. It is a portrait of village life at the end of the nineteenth century. It is set around the Oxfordshire Hamlet of Lark Rise. Which was a tightly knit farming community which includes the gossip, the midwife, the pedlars, the borrowers and the gypsies as well as the clerics and old folk who hate to see traditions fade. The author is Flora Jane Thompson who was born in 1876 and this book was first published in 1939. It is an autobiographical book and the author writes about what she grew up around. I love learning about history and how life used to be. I wonder what these folks would have thought of life today with all the modern gadgets etc. What I learned from the book is that even with nothing at all a lot of the people going about their simple lives were very happy. Food for thought :)
Anyway lovelies I am off to do a sample swatch for my next project. Will share with you next time. Have a lovely rest of your weekend :) Leah xxxx