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Monday, 18 August 2014

Poppy, Poppy


And how are you today? I have just finished my first Poppy for charity, for the Royal British Legion. My plan is to see if any friends and family would like to buy and then send the money off directly to the charity. Will sell at £1.00 each. Miss Ell's has said she wants one so have said she can have one using a £1.00 from her pocket money.
They always sell them at work so will leave some in the box.
And I am going to send off any that don't sell to a knitting shop that has requested them on facebook page Royal British Legion.
What a great stashbuster eh?!

Other projects this week have been planting up this gorgeous chrysanthamum , please excuse the spelling. Miss Ell's did this for me and it now sits brightly by my front door. I know they don't last very long but if it lasts until Oct/Nov I will be pleased.

Miss Ell's has been creative this week too and decided to make an icecream parlour. What a good job! Any excuse for ice-cream.

And I have five minutes to do this sample gauge again to find it is the wrong size again. So have started again with a different size needle again. I shall get there in the end.

I am joining in with another KAL on ravelry on the beginners knitting group which is for socks. Have just ordered my wool and dpn's so will show you next time what wool I have chosen. The KAL starts on 1st September so looking forward to it :-) I have only knitted socks once and they had a few mistakes so hopefully these will turn out better. Actually it might be best that my sample swatch keeps being wrong as these are for a more complex sock pattern. Think something is trying to tell me to start with the easier pattern :-)
Anyway take care dear readers and have a lovely week. Leah xxx

Saturday, 9 August 2014


Hi everyone,

Well I have finished my first mini KAL. My sewing is'nt perfect, have never done a zip, but I am super proud of my efforts and that is what counts..

So here is my easy peasy pencil case ...

It was going to be for Miss Ells but is now for my crochet hooks instead.

This is what it looked like when I blocked it so you can see the stitch definition.

On to sample gauges next, I am determined to get the right size so I can at last start some socks...

We have received an invitation...
For a garden party .. Pretty card ...
Looking forward to a party.

Anyway lovlies have a great week!
Leah xxx

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Tadaaah, my first KAL and a few other things.

Hi, lovely readers!

I have to say I love my blog, I love your blogs too and I love, love, love craft. It makes me super happy and so so fizzy with excitement. I lost my mojo for a time, a newborn with colic, quite dark days to be honest, I had no time for anything but trying to console my screaming, crying baby girl who was in so so much pain. The last year 2013 were not the very best but food believe it or not was the answer for our little dot and it has massively helped her. On the 02/08 she reached 18 months old and I absolutely love her to pieces. It took a while for us all to fit together but we are one little family now.

So a few weeks ago we had another major set back with jobs and financial stress and I turned to my knitting to help me through and this blog again. It helps me, the calm after the storm has been reached and I am happy to be back in a happy place again.

I was messing around with my camera app on my phone before and discovered this drawing effect, so in celebration of my two gorgeous daughters ....
We had a quiet 5 minutes whilst the girls watched Gullivers Travels...
And I have finished my flower corsage. Does'nt it look pretty?

This has gone on our Teddy Doorstop.. Does'nt it suit?

Miss S agrees too ...
I decided to venture into the realms of Ravelry the other day too. And I have took the plunge and joined a beginners KAL group. Even though I have knitted for a bit I consider myself very much a novice so I think I will learn a few basics. I am not doing the big project KAL for august as I have too many other projects I want to crack on with. However I am doing the mini KAL for august which is called a easypeasey pencil case, not that I will think it's easy especially when making up as you have to line it and add a zip. I have lots of red cottan material from an old beadsread that I will use and plan on visiting my local market on Tuesday to get the zip.
This is the wool I am using, it reminds me of icecream. It is tangled up somewhat but I have still managed to use.
I love stashbusting, I received this wool in a swap quite some time ago and have already made socks and a corsage out of it.
This is my progress so far... Hopefully next time it will be done.

I received a sample this week in the post so this is a quicky review for those people with sensitive skin such as me.

This is Instant Comeback Facial Serum by benefit. I can not use most things on my face as I instantly go red, have awful spots. I understand that your skin is meant to go through a change every 7 years and mine for the last few years, in my late 30's is the worst it has ever been. I have used this and It makes my skin feel very refreshed and no redness which is the important thing. It is a little out of my price range at £36 a pop. Ouch but is definately on my christmas list.

I am off now to make a sunday chicken dinner but with a twist, curry as hubby has requested curry.
Have a lovely week dear readers, Leah xxxx

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Review and other stuff

Hi friends,

Hope your week has treated you well :-)

I have just finished this book Once in a lifetime by Cathy Kelly. It has been an easy read but in all honesty slow going. However I liked how the different stories unfolded following each character. It flitted back to the past, so you could see how the past effected the present. There was a darker theme running through this book - alcaholism and the author cleverly touched on this through the story. The story came together in the end with a conclusion to each characters plot. To summerise a light read you could perhaps take on holiday with you.

Miss Ells my daughter is 6 and a real girly girl, she loves all things pretty and sparkly Anyway Miss Ells has been asking and asking and asking for false nails. Of course not the real kind not on your life lol.  However I found some stick on ones which lasted all of five minutes as they all fell off and lost there stickyness. They are now gone and in the bin but it was an activity. So here they are for the second they were on ;-)
And a ring and bracelet added of course xxx

This is my progress on my corsage.
Have decided it's destiny, it will be for miss Ell's winter hat I think if it suits, we shall see...
Have a lovely weekend lovlies xxx Leah xxx