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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Birthday Treats


It has been a lovely week with a birthday treat. It was my beautiful mums birthday on Monday and on Tuesday we took her out to The Grapes in Croston. We had a lovely afternoon tea.

Mum also received this little pretty plant.


Whilst visiting my sisters this made me smile.

And this made me think I would like this vase in my window too.

I treated my eldest to this lovely hand broidered scarf. Loving the colour.

And I decided to buy myself these lovely roses.

And I have finished one sock I am very happy to say and will be casting on the next.

Bye for now dear readers and hope you have a lovely week too xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday Crafting


This morning I glanced from the corner of my eye the most glorious light trying to get through my blinds. I had to take this photo from my front door whilst the rest of the world was fast asleep. At least I hope people on my street were asleep or they would have thought who is that crazy lady stood snapping shots at this hour.

How gorgeous to see the early morning sunrise. However the rest of the day has beeb rain,rain,rain. I did manage to squeeze in a run before it pelted it down though so that's good.

I have progressed some more with my socks and have got past the heel flap, yay. I find double pointed needles like knitting with chop sticks in that I do find them difficult to handle. The more I have done though I am managing to find my flow. I really am the slowest knitter as this was a knitalong that started last september but this makes me absolutely determined to finish them. I have been advised from my beginners group that magic loop may be worth trying to find my love for socks, so watch this space everyone.

This is my latest book I am reading, a chic lit book I must admit as I want to read something lighthearted and cheering.

And today has all been about carrots. I remember my mum giving me a raw carrot when I was little and I used to think it was a real treat, so today the girls asked and I gave them a carrot, better than sweets xxxxxxx

I decided to make carrot and corriander soup from scratch. I made Tai Green Curry the other week which I am yet to post but this recipie for the curry was from Ella Woodward and from there I have been thinking of the rubbish we tend to eat because of the convenience.

I love the orange colour of the carrots.

And this is my soup, all ready for next week for tea time with some crusty bread and a slab of cheese.

Right lovelies have a lovely week and thank you so much for reading xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Leahxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

This week has been Socks!

Hi dear readers,

I enjoyed a few days off work on leave and have been childless. First daughter is staying at her Gran and Grandad's and my second has been in nursery. All resumes to normal this evening when I have my first daughter home again. It has been the half term holidays here and holidays are the only time my mother in law really gets chance to see my two girls as we don't live near by. I have enjoyed these few days of me time though. I have been running like crazy, the bug has truly bitten and gently knitting these colourful socks.

They are really jazzy arn't they? This is Silver's Sock Class on Ravelry and is part of a knit a long on the beginners knit group which I think most people will have finished by now. I have had a bit of trouble with this. I have been losing my stitches and not realising until it is too late which has caused me to start again on more than one occasion lol :) I think I am on to the next bit now, the heel so wish me luck!

I have also been rather rash these past few weeks with a little splurge here and there.

I bought 12 little square bits of fabric from e-bay just because.... Not sure what to do with them, thinking some hanging hearts but need to get some lavendar.

I also bought these pretty bargains to make kitchen duties a little bit easier to do

My youngest has had her second birthday recently and we spent some time with family.

Just have to show you these hand made gifts little miss received.

I think you can safely say little miss was happy with her presents.

Righto I am off to tackle heels, thanks for reading xxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Hello February :)

Hello, I hope you are well :)

This morning was really misty with fog, the kind you really have to check and check again for oncoming vehicles when crossing the road. Husband had bought me some running gear for christmas which have been sat there until now. I just did not have my motivation and with one thing and another, icy days and general living life absolutely no time.

So anyway I got my brand new spanking trainers out from their hiding place I did a mixture of running and walking. Mostly running I am pleased to say. Anyway with my over enthusiasm I have entered a 5k race event Race For Life on 23rd May, so come on bring it on lol. I am hoping this will give me the push needed as well as raising money for cancer research.

On to other things my second daughter has been inspiring me with the colours in her dress,so I just had to take a few shots.

The perfect cheeky model xxx I love the colours in her dress and want to use this in a future project I think.

I have also been working some more on my blooming flower cushion.
 I need to get a cushion pad now so I know how big to work this. Just thought I would show you the back of the work too as I really like this. I will be making a second piece in exactly the way the back is.

This week I read in the paper how a local person has been doing random acts of kindness in my local town, such as buying scratch cards and leaving on a coffee table, paying for peoples coffee etc etc. She has now stopped as she wants to remain anominous and her last act of kindness was that she bought a cake in the cake shop and asked the assistant to give to the very next person that came in. Her only request was that she hopes other people continue what she has started. I do hope so. Have you done any random acts of kindness.?I was reading an article in my Tesco magazine about this as well this week and one suggestion was to leave a good book you have finished reading on a coffee table or where ever with a note for the next person to read and or pass on, so that is what I shall do next time I finish reading a paper back. Or perhaps I shall leave my pound in my trolly for the next person to use.

As it is valentines I have been itching to make hearts, so my dear readers that will be part of a giveaway for you. So my next post will be a give away post.

Today second daughter is wearing the most gorgeous handmade cardigan. It is lovely. It was a hand me down from my eldest I think and origionally came from a summer fair from the girl's grandma.

Does'nt she make a beautiful model.

I would love to be able to knit like this, the cabling pattern is just lovely and snuggly.

She never stays still very long so I am blessed to get these shots.

I am trying to really look at the small things that make me smile and the other night as I gazed up from doing the wasing up I saw this.

How stunning ....

Next week I am hoping to make this ..

Coconut Thai Curry with Chickpeas. I don't know if you have heard of Ella Woodward but she is a food blogger, I have not seen her blog yet but she is meant to have really healthy recipies to try.

Thank you for reading my ramblings and I hope you have a lovely week. See you next time xxx