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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Wicked but there is no place like home

We have had a wicked adventure this weekend but now back at home. We stayed at the Heart Apartments at  the Lowry as we went to see Wicked the musical at the Lowry theatre. It was absolutely fantastic! The bestest time. I would really recommend going if you ever get the chance. It was so cleverly written bit you are not going to get a spoiler here readers.

We also had a walk around Salford queys and the architecture is amazing. We had a lovely meal out as well at cafe rouge.

We did not have time for shopping or the museums but that will be saved for our next adventure.

I have been quietly stitching here and there. This is my progress so far. I am going to make four cross stitch Christmas cards.

I captured this photo this week which made me laugh of youngest and my dear husband. Now you tell me who do you think is the boss? Lol xxx

Have a great week and thank you for reading xxxxxx

Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Fruit and Veg Challenge

Hello dear readers,

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.

My challenge in the the last few weeks has been to pick some fruit and vegatables that I have never tried before. The even bigger challenge has been what the heck to do with what I decided on. This is what I bought.

So with the Pak Choi I looked up what this was and found it was part of the cabbage family. In no way does this look like your average cabbage. I then looked up what I could make. There were so many nice things that could be done with this different vegetable from crunchy salads to stirfrys with sesame seeds, I even found a recipient to roast this unusual veg with some fish like cod or salmon perhaps.

So I went for a traditional family favourite in our house Chinese Stir fry made with Cantonese sause. I selected Tesco's sweet Pepper stir fry selection to go with it.

All in all it was a big hit with all the family especially my fussy eater two year old.

My next challenge was what to do with Pomegranate. Now I have heard of Pomegranate in a really old children's book I had from ladybird books can any one remember what it was called?

Mine was already prepared as it is the inside seedy bit that you eat. They were like little ruby jewels. Pretty to look at and even nicer to eat. I decided to have mine as a speedy breakfast with Tesco's Greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey. Lovely.

They were very seedy so I would not give to small children but I would have again as a super food treat for me.

Next up I purchased Beetroot which I have had before but not sweet infused with a smokey flavour. As this was a flavour all of its own I decided to serve this simply as a side dish for last nights tea.

Yes I would buy this again. It was all ready prepared so that was easier for me as less time having to do this my self. You could taste the subtle smokey flavour as well. A big family hit.

Huge Thank you to Tesco who let me try all three fruit and vege's for free.

Have a lovely week dear readers.  It's been a very food inspired week but will show you some crafty creations next time xxxx