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Sunday, 13 September 2015

It's all in an ending.

Hello dear readers,

It really is all in an ending is my summarising of The Savage Garden by Mark Mills.

Tuscany 1958

Behind a villa in the heart of Tuscany lies a Renaissance garden of enchanting beauty. It's grottoes, pagan statues and classical inscriptions seem to have a secret life of their own - and a secret message, too, for those with eyes to read it.

Young scholar Adam Strickland is just such a person. Arriving in 1958, he finds the Docci family, their house and the unique garden as seductive as each other. But postwar Italy is still a strange, even dangerous, place and the Doccis have some dark skeletons hidden away in their past.

Before this mysterious and beautiful summer ends, Adam will uncover, two stories of love, revenge and murder, separated by 400 years ... but is another tragedy about to be added to the villa's cursed history?

Well it is not as exciting as it all appears when you read the above. I found it was a real slow burner of a book and it did not pull together until the end.

As I said in another post I don't usually give up on a book as it is usually the ending that makes it and this is such a book. In fact this is what makes the book outstanding and it is very cleverly written.

It is like building layers piece by piece with this book. It is a very clever murder  mystery. The main character reminded me of Poirot in the details of his detective work.

Mark Mills is an excellent writer and I look forward to reading more.

My next book that I have just started is Everest 1953 by Mick Conefrey.

It is a documentary style of writing. My husband was given this to read and I thought it would be a good idea to read it before the film Everest comes out in a couple of weeks. I am planning on having a date night with hubby at the cinema but that film is based on 1996 events.

Looking forward to reviewing this for you.

Things that have been making me smile this week are my Gerbera's plant. This was such a bargain as I was bought this as a birthday present at the end of July. Hopefully I shall try and keep it going and see if it flowers next year.

This week I have also been drooling over Pinterest  and here is what I found this week.
Lots of great photography.

Places I want to visit
This is Mount Denali in Alaska.

And lovely project ideas found.

A pear pin cushion.
And this adorable dress.

Right lovelies I am off to deliver my seven year old to her friends party.

Have a lovely week everyone xxxx Leah xxxx

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Giveaway winner announcement

Hi everyone,

Hope you have enjoyed your sunday.

Eldest helped with the draw today .... and the winner is .....

Craft in the med xxxx well done.

Today has been a whirlwind of preparing and organising for Monday morning and school run, work run. Have been ironing, ironing,ironing and tidying. My eldest is on sandwiches when she returns and I could not resist this Owl sandwich bag. How cute ....

Anyway I wanted to share my holiday photo's with you. We stayed at silverdale. It is so peaceful there and in all honesty we will be returning again and again. Next year we will be including a couple of days camping into the mix if this can be arranged with friends.

This is one of my favourite photo's of the holiday. There were some secluded shoreline but warning for anyone who visits to be very very careful because of the morcambe bay quick sands and this is part of that.

We stayed at a local caravan site and I love this miniture caravan at the entrence.

This is another beach shot when we went searching for treasure

As I say the caravan park was in such a beautful location set on the edge of the Lakes.

And what I love most is thay my mum lives near by so I coul pop in for a cup of tea. The girls had lots of fun in my mum's beautiful garden.

Whilst we were holidaying we trecked up a hill called Arnside Knott. Quite pleased that we made it to the top.

We visited Kendle which is also one of my favourite places in fact the whole of the Lake District is my favourite place to be.

This is Kendle Castle, spectacular views ...

Right my friends thank you for reading, have a super lovely week and again well done to Crafty in the Med xxxxxxxxxxx byeeeee

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Giveaway reminder

Hi folks,

Just a reminder that I have a giveaway running which will end tomorrow. If you want to enter just visit my previous post on how to do this xxxx

As the weather has decided to turn autumnal I have started to feel a little chill. I was thinking that I have knitted some lovely things why am I not wearing them. So over the last few days I did and I had the coziest tootsies.

So here is a showcase of my previous knitting ...

I love these socks, they may not be perfect indeed one is slightly bigger than the other but oh I do really like their crazy colours. I washed them today as well and they have washed really well too and I can't wait to wear them again tomorrow.

I also decided to wear my snuggly slippers. They will both definitely get a good wearing xxxx

I have managed to do some knitting of my Milo and I am pleased with the way this is turning out. I found the pattern for near the arms confusing as I prefer instructions to be straight forward with step by step guides and there wasn't but I muddled through. If you read my previous post you will see that I also had to rip back several times and start again but that is all part of the challenge.

I could not wait to get to the purple bit.

This week my eldest is still off school and does not return until Monday so we decided to do another adventure on Wednesday.

We went for a walk round Avenham Park with my mum and eldest daughter.

I will miss spending time with my eldest when the normal routine invades.

That's all from me friends. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend. P.s will announce the giveaway winner tomorrow good luck xxxxxxxxxxx Leah

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Hello dear readers,

As  a thank you for reading my space I am doing a giveaway to win these goodies.

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Good Luck xxxx

Have a good week Leah xxxxxxxxxxx