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Sunday, 29 November 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas ....

Hi dear readers,

I am beginning to get quite excited about the upcoming festivities, are you?

I think I love the build up more than anything.

I have been busy gathering gifts for my swap exchange www.sewchet.com organised to exchange a gift on christmas day. Here is a very small snippet of what I have been working on.

Not going to reveal any more as it is a surprise , but all will be revealed after the big day. I have almost finished it up and am more than pleased with my cross stitch make. I  wouldlove to get creative with cross stitch in the future and I so enjoy reading other sewing/ cross stitch blogs. My true love though will always be knitting.

www.attic24.typepad.com has set my creativity in motion when I read her recent post regarding sock knitting. I love knitting socks ( even though I am very much a beginner sock knitter) and when I read her post it started that itch off again to knit up some more. I have ordered some scrummy sock yarn Regia Design Line 4 ply - Somethin'else and will be knitting up plain socks. Will show you the wool when it gets delivered.

I have always knitted socks up on 4 dpn's but really fancy knitting two socks up at the same time using the magic loop method. On Ravelry in a beginners knit group there are really good instructions by silvers sock class which I shall have a go at.

I have also had this sock pattern in my ravelry list for a whilehttp://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/honey-badger. I have some lovely purple wool so need to do a sample square soon for this to get my tension right.

This week I bought a couple of christmassy things, one being this lovely Poinsettia.

Gorgeous isn't it?

I also found this really sweet candle with foxes on it.

Of course I had to light my candles ....

I love candles, they are so hypnotising, these photo's don't capture the warm flickering glow which is a shame.

This afternoon I have been sorting through my craft stuff as I wanted to try and hunt down my purple sock yarn. I really need to start by finishing one project (unless it is super huge like a blanket) before beginning another.

Look at this lot...

I am pleased to say I have found my sock yarn and it's all organised in a more manageable order. I came across this unfinished project which I really need to get done in the new year.

The problem with leaving a project lurking is that I have no idea where I am up to with it, so will be scratching my head that's for sure.

One last thing to share with you is this sweet little purchase for my little niece. How adorable are these...

They have little rattles at the end. So cute xxx

Have a lovely week dear friends xxxxxxx Leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Tadahhh moment

Hello dear readers,

This little project has to be one of the proudest little Tadaaah moments for my adorable little niece  Lottie Rose.

This is my eldest, my very very tired younger sister and my beautiful little niece.
I have made these booties before for another little baby and the pattern is so easy to do. I am going to make more in different colour combinations I think.

I am on a mission to make quick little baby knits.

This sunday afternoon has definately been a joy.

This morning I got my eldest busy crafting. We have had this lying around for some time but never got round to doing it.

The only problem was that the glue we had was not sticky enough so I will be finishing this off for Eldest at some point. The sewing part was what Eldest was really keen on. The instructions were quite easy to follow too.

I have been working on top secret stuff for a christmas swap by Sewshet and I really want to show you but not until after christmas I am afraid xxx

I am currently reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I have read such good reviews and heard that the film is amazing.

This is another book I am really trying to get into but struggling. I keep putting it down quite easily but I am sure I will totally enjoy the film more. I will definately finish this book though. I think because it is so different that this is why I am not enjoying this read.

Finally I will leave you with my little bears. Have a lovely week eveyone xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 1 November 2015


Hello dear readers,

Thank you for stopping by and welcome November!

We had a little Halloween party last night and hubby and I decided to join in the fun and dress up too. My mother in law hosted and dressed her house up for the kids x

It was Spooktacular and the kids really enjoyed themselves.

Sit back and enjoy our photo's

We had lots of little visitors, which was nice as we don't get any where I live usually. The most funniest part was us all dancing to the monster mash.

Other stuff I have been doing is knitting up a pair of bootees for my long awaited niece. I have yet to see her and believe me I really can not wait. My youngest has had a bad cold this week so have really had to avoid seeing this brand new special little girl. Hopefully soon.

However this is my progress so far....
I have just started the second. I love this pattern and I think it is my signature pattern to make when ever we have a new arrival. I am going to go a bit mad actually and knit up a second pair in slightly different colours and a bit bigger.

Right lovelies I am off to enjoy my tea as eldest daughter has made it for me. She made jacket potatoes at school and scooped out the centre to mix and make her own concoction. So I have said yes she can make this for me. What a treat..

Have a lovely week Leah xxxxxxxxxxx