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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Adult Colouring

Hello dear readers,

Today is a very windy, bitingly cold. My hair looks like a birds nest and very very frizzy after being buffeted about by the elements. Today I am inside keeping warm.

It's my youngest daughters birthday on Tuesday so I had to pop out for a few bits and pieces such as birthday cakes and cards. I took my eldest daughter who is eight and we both got super excited over some Adult colouring books. Funnily enough I had the opportunity to try colouring out in a bit of team bonding at work this week and there is talk of my employef intoducing this as a lunchtime activity. I have to say I will be there, I may even bring my knitting.

Anyway I bought two colouring books, some pens and pencils and this afternoon we both sat down together and coloured. The designs are so beautiful and intricate. I wouldn't mind some watercolouring pencils to try. We both really enjoyed sitting, chatting and doing something together.

Of course we squeezed in a few cakes as well.:)

Other stuff that has been making me smile this week has been has been my youngest daughter and my nephew playing dress up.

I bought these gorgeous flowers this week, a bargain at only £3.00.

And I am up to the heel on my mums new socks. I need to get kniting though as it is her birthday very soon xxx

That's it for this week. Have a lovely week. Leah xxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

quietly knitting ...

Good afternoon dear readers,

Today I am nursing my poorly two year old (three in a few weeks). She has caught a bug that has sent her temperature through the roof, bless her. She is on the mend now though but I have kept her from nursery school today to fully recover. It has just been me and spud. I have had to take time away from work to look after my little girl and in truth I think I have caught a little bit of what it is as I feel exhausted, so I am pleased I have been forced to ease up and stay in with her.

So today I am quietly knitting and watching endless back to back Wizard of Oz, my daughter's current favourite. At least we have moved away from Frozen lol.

I have started a pair of socks as part of my mum's birthday present. The colours are so spring like, so perfect for a february birthday. What do you think?

My daughters other favourite film at the moment is Alice in Wonderland. I came across this wonderful pin on pinterest that I have to share with you. Do you know that there are so many times that I feel like the white rabbit, always running late and constantly looking at my watch. Last week when I was back into the swing of work etc I forced my self to just take ten,twenty minutes in silence. The only way of doing that really is having a bath when the kids are in bed or going out for a run. So I have started forcing myself to do both and I feel miles better for it. Anyway here is this print I found.

I think it's a wonderful quote.

In the past few weeks we have been updating our girl's bedroom. Tomorrow we have a delivery of a new wardrobe, desk and chair coming from good old Ikea. We purchased this bunk bed from e-bay for a bargain price of £80.00. It is an Ikea bunk bed. I think it used to belong to a boy because of all the dark blue but we have now transformed it ...

Before and

After ... so much better ... this is my tom boy Miss Sofia helping out.

I have so been tempted to buy new wool lately to work on a new project and it has taken all my willpower not to do so. I even got as far as putting payment details in then said nooooo don't!! I am going to really try and use what I have this year. We shall see but I will try. However I do really want to try and knit a cardi or jumper for myself and have been pouring over ravelry and pinterest for ideas. I came across this lovely cardigan but not sure if it will be too hard to try at the moment as some of the reviews have said the seaming is tricky.

But oh it is so lovely. It would be perfect for me.

Whilst searching pinterest I also spotted this gorgeous cross stitch cushion. The girls would love this, it's on my to do list.

I am not sure if I have shared this with you or not but I am going to make Clarence the Cat after this sock project. I love those free gifts you get with magazines. I am also looking forward to reading my latest knit magazine. I don't buy these often so this afternoon whilst my youngest naps it's treat time for me.

Now my friends I will leave you with a picture of my smiling little girl which I hope she returns to soon. We want that rosey colour back in her cheeks.

Get well soon my little Sofia.

Thank you for reading dear friends xxx Hope you have a lovely week xxxxxx

Lea xxxxx

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Please watch this if you have a moment.

Leah xxx

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Wild Child

This has made me smile this evening . I love this song and it so reminds me of my youngest daughter my wild wild child xxx

Giveaway Winner announcement!!!

Hello dearies,

Well it's time to announce our winner ..... drum role please ....

Names have gone into the hat ahem bowl ....

My eldest has chosen ......

Ta da da .....

And the winner is Sara -My Woodland Garden.

Well done you! 

Other stuff that has been going on is my drooling over pretty things. Like today, my eldest has a ballet exam next month and you have to wear satin ballet shoes only time has moved on a bit and she now has to wear them with ribbons. Our ribbons are on order but thought I would show you them.

I can not wait to sew the ribbons on. Quite a few number of years ago I did an art exam where I drew a pencil sketch of ballerinas feet in a pointed toe composition. I think I will get drawing and do this again in different mediam's and hopefully if I like what I possibly do will have it framed maybe, just maybe we will see xxxx

This little book has been given to my youngest and it is delightful, about fairys and all things magical ...

On the crafty front I have started my mum's socks. I must remember to hide them when she visits. Very excited to see how this wool is knitted up.

I was struggling with what size I needed and how many stitches to get a size six foot and low and behold in the face book group I belong to Winwick's sockalong on facebook some kind sole has shared this chart. How very very useful!

I also treated my self to the latest Let's Knit  magazine. and so looking forward to kniiting with the free gift. I think I am going to go for Clarence The Cat and some Kitten Buddies.

Righto lovelies see you soon xxxx Leah xxxxxxx

Friday, 8 January 2016

Last chance to enter Giveaway!

Hi folks!

This is the last chance to enter my giveaway! I will announce the winner tomorrow :)

Just a reminder that to enter you need to be a follower of my blog and just leave a comment below but make sure you say you want to enter. Ok!

I will be adding a few surprises  too but below is what you could win.

And wohoo one sock done! I was so excited to get to the toe grafting!

Although next time I make a pair I want it to fit a bit better so will make it slightly longer in length.

Now I am not jumping into the next one quite simply because one of my resolutions is to make more handmade gifts. My lovely mum has a birthday in February and if I don't start them I am afraid she won't get them in time.

I am of course going to knit up my mum some birthday socks. She is a larger foot size than me. It will be the same style as above and I am glad that I got to do a practice run with the sock for me.

I have purchased this scrummy yarn to makes mums socks, lovely isn't it?

I really can't wait to get started. I think this evening I shall begin.

Talking of wool I have seen some brilliant rainbow yarn that people have been knitting with and am on the hunt for some. Does any one know of any rainbow style yarn and where I can get it from?

At this time of year my thoughts turn to spring and nicer weather and the possibilities of new growth.

I am really trying to keep this plant alive. My Geranium plant.

I have popped it in my kitchen window to grab what light it can. I have also cut back some of the dead leaves and given it some water.

As you can see new leaves are springing up. I do hope it flowers again this year xxx

I also had a really good de-cluttering seshion last week and got rid of loads of rubbish and gave stuff to charity. I felt very pleased when I dropped all these bags off at our local charity shop.

And lastly until tomorrow that is I want to show you the book I am reading lately.

Just started but oh I can just tell that it is going to be a good read. Which reminds me I have not watched any of the series of Silent Witness yet so knitting and Silent Witness is my Friday evening.

Take care dear readers and thanks for stopping by xxx Leah

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Walking in the woods

Hello lovelies,

Well the weather is rotten today, very wet,cold and rainy but has that stopped us oh no no no ... We had the best fun ever and had an adventure in the woods. We went to shrugs  wood part of Worden park. There was lots of splashing in big muddy puddles.
, oh and lots and lots of big smiles and laughter.

Muddy, squelchy pathways. There were a few other people out too with the very same idea. We have to do this more often to blow the cobwebs away and get out there.

I must say though it was also very nice to get back into our warm car.

We are now toasty dry watching the darts on T.V. watching the rain still going strong.

New year's night was spent with the out-laws, whoops sorry in-laws :) My girl's had fun with their cousin Miss Beau and had lot's of fun at their Gran and Grandad's.

Trying to get these three to hold a pose was quite a challenge.
The children were in bed by 8.00 except my eldest who managed 10.00. The adults stayed up to about 12.30 with Joules Holland of course. His music set was not bad this year.

Just have to show you this beautiful wreath and fire place displayed at my MIL's. It is glorious ... this was purchased from TK Max for only £10.00 apparantly... what a bargain.

I want to try and find my inner calm this year and practise a bit of mindfulness. I think it would do me the world of good to just be for five minutes or so and still my crazy mind.

I would also like to get my running trainers on and get out regularly to increase my fitness and stamina. I have joined a 28 day running bug challenge to motivate me but will chat about that in a later post.

I want to make more knitted gifts for my nearest and dearest. My first make after my inperfect socks is to do another pair in time for my mums birthday in February. I have purchased some scrummy yarn for this very project so will show you next time.

I have also started a happiness diary. I was gifted this little notebook in a christmas swap and I am going to use it to record any crafty projects started and finished but also to write down something, however small even in the darkest rubbishest days that has made me smile that day. On new year's eve at the end of the year I am going to look back and reflect. I saw this idea in blogland but I think a jar was used and notes of happiness stored in the jar. Here is my little notebook. Hand's down todays walk will certainly be recorded as todays entry.

GIVEAWAY!!!! Has this grabbed your attention! If you want to take part in my giveaway please see my previous post for what you could win. To be in with a chance you have to be a follower of my blog and just leave a comment on my previous post but if you want to leave a comment on this post please say that you also want to be entered into the giveaway so I can add you to the hat :) Xxxx

Ok dear friends I have to go and carry on sock knitting. Reality returns tomorrow as back at work and the children are back at school and nursery but my lesson is to take each day at a time, slowly and yo make plans for my happiness. Love to you all Leah xxxx