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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Hello June!

Hello dear friends,

Here we are in June and here in the UK the weather has been super, super lovely. Sunshine and lovely days. It has been a bit rainy this weekend mind you and very muggy but the plants in the garden love it. My garden has been florishing. Tomorrow I am going to eat these edible salad leaves for my tea.

They are looking ready to me don't you agree?

I have also been having a sunflower competition with my youngest to see who can grow the tallest one. Miss S is winning of course.

I also simply had to buy a few things when I popped into the Range yesterday.

It is called a Celosia Caracas. The purple is wonderful isn't it? My eldest chose this one, good choice.

We also brought some lillies, always a favourite. I think I will group them together in a big pot.

A few weeks ago now I purchased a Lupin. I really did not know how they would turn out as had no idea what they looked like. So you can imagine my surprise at this.

Just gorgeous! Oh how I love this time of year.

On the crafty front I am still working on my blooming flower cushion and I have almost finished the front. I have been worried that I would would run out of wool. I have had to completely undo a round at one point as was short by about 5 cm. Quite frustrating. I don't want to order more wool to complete it as in my minds eye I want this to be a stash busting project. So I have raided what I have to introduce a new purple colour so I have enough for the back. Also the uniformity and order I wanted has gone out of the window due to lack of wool but hey that is how it goes sometimes.

So here it is. The lighting today does not do it justice. Miss S wanted to get in the photo and decided to pull a funny face rather than a smile today : )

I have two more rounds to go and then the front is done.

As you can see my wool really is running out so going to include  a slightly darker purple.

I have also been enjoying some Adult Colouring. It's so relaxing and a wonderful activity to do with my eldest. Here is what I am working on.

Reading wise I have just finished When God Was A Rabbit.by Sarah Winman.
A deeply disturbing book about childhood abuse by adults and how a childhood friendhip is formed by the similarities of their experiences but they don't really know this until they are older. However both girls have a strong connection with each other. They both socially find it hard to connect with others as they grow older and have no friends as find it naturally difficult. The main story line is about a brother and a sister.It's a book about childhood and growing up, friendships and families, triumph and tragedy and everything in between.

Such a brilliant writer in my opinion.

My next book is this. The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen. I am only a couple of chapters in at the moment. It is about a serial killer .... Today they will find her body. I know how it will happen. I can picture quite vividly, the sequence of events that will lead to the discovery ....

I will let you know what I think when done but guys my next book after this will be a little more lighthearted I think.

Before I go I just wanted to show off my new sideboard. I have been after one for such a long time and at last I finally have a place to display my teacups :) Only a small collection so far but I will build on that.

Take care dear friends and thank you for for reading. Have a lovely week xxxxxxxxxx Leah xxxxxxxxxx