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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Year of projects Year 6 - wk 3

Hi dear readers,

Well a little progression on my honey-badger socks this week. I have tried to grab snatches of knitting here and there.

Can you see the pattern texture? There are also little holes as well but at the end when I try them on you will be able to see. There is definately at least 1 tiny mistake but that's what makes them individual right?

Talking of socks both my girls have put requests in so I will be adding two pairs of socks for daughter's to my list but will look for patterns first. Eldest wants turqoise socks and youngest wants a purple pair.

Yesterday afternoon I had the creative itch and simply had to get my sewing machine out. I wanted to start on a little cushion for my youngest. I had promised her that I would make a Crochet cushion but this will take me a while to complete so wanted something done a bit quicker. I am a new sewing machinest and I hunted around for a simple project I could attempt. I decided on a 9 square cushion. Hopefully if I have time this aftermonn I may well get it done. This is my progress so far...

It is not perfectly aligned, I tried, I really did but it does does not matter and my youngest certainly won't notice either.

I have decided that my blanket for this year will be a sock-yarn-blanket Which will be a good way of stash busting my sock yarn.

 Right  folks next week I will be having a blogging break as on holiday and where I am going there is no wifi access as amongst a lot of hills and valleys. I am really looking forward to it actually. So will definately be missing week 4 and possibly week 5 but hopefully will have finished projects to show you when I am back :)

Have a great week

Leah xxxxx

p.s I have created a separate page for my list if you want to have a look. I am linking up with the Ravelry group year of projects year 6 if you fancy joining in.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Five on Friday

Hi Folks,

So this week has been a battle of the tea cups V the beatles lol. It has been quite funny actually :) DH has gradually ordered a few more of the beatles that arrived this week. I had hidden ringo in a drawer but since then I think in an act of rebellion DH has been on e-bay/amazon and hunted down more. He has carefully set them up just so and is going to make a mat for the to stand on showcasing their films/music scenes. Ok so who am I to argue but I will be on the hunt for more china me thinks .... Let the battle commence.

So number 1. The battle

2. Ivy

My neighbours Ivy is creeping over into our back garden and I really like it. DH is going to make a corner area so there will be a little shade with the idea that hopefully the Ivy may creep across.

3. Little Red Riding Hood.

My youngest is obsessed with Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs at the moment. So during my shopping trip this morning I could not resist this dress up outfit for her.

4. Recycling

My eldest brought home this project from school. It is an old milk carton that she asked for. I really did not know what she would do with it. What a good idea though. I don't know what it is that is growing but they are coming along nicely.

My eldest also fetched this newspaper tube but in the school walk from home I think what ever seed was in it has come out. We may try something else.

5. Sunshine

Lastly I am going to show these as I think they are not going to last too much longer, well not until next yeat any way. So I will leave you with a little bit of sunshine.

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Have a lovely week xxxxxxxxxx Leah xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Year of projects Year 6 - Wk 2

Hi dear readers,

I have a finished Taddaaaaaah! Can you tell I am quite excited about it :) So without further ado here is my Blooming Flower Cushion.

This is for my eldest daughter Miss E.

I am very very pleased to have completed one off my list. The pattern and the Link is  here Blooming Flower Cushion by Lucy at Attic24
I also learnt a new technique along the way, which was to slip stitch crochet all the way around to finish which I like alot.

Today I am planning on starting these honey-badger socks
I am planning on using a plain colour so it can pick up the pattern a bit more, that's my theory anyway. I have chosen this Four ply, Truly Wool Rich by Cygnet in shade Mauve. These will be for me. I am looking forward to them as have never tried a patterned sock before so it will be a first. I have always made standard socks. We will see how I get on. Watch this space.

I am going to use these teeny weeny size needles 2mm. I generally always have to use smaller needles than the pattern requires so in this case after doing a sample swatch I have gone down. The actual pattern says to use 2.25 mm so you can see that you need small needles for this project.

This week I had been thinking about what jumper/cardigan I wanted to make. I did find this one isabel-6 but do you ever find it really really hard to chose wool sometimes, well I have been having one of those moments. I wanted a wool with a bit of a fleck in it with a lovely soft grey shade but alas I could not find what I wanted. When I did find something, I priced up and well lets just say it would have been very expensive to make , nearly £90.00 and I just can not justify that amount of money, however have left in my ravelry que so oneday maybe, we will see.

I have however decided to make this one shalom cardigan As it is going to be my very first wearable (we hope) cardigan for me I thought I would go for this. It has been sitting in my ravelry library for such a long time. I am really hoping this is easyish to do. I have chosen this chunky weight superwash Merino wool by Cascade in shade Doeskin Heather and it feels super squishy and lovely. I have never wound my wool before, a question for you can you hand wind or would you get a special winder?

It is so much more cost effective to make as well, a mere £38.00 in total. I justify this as I have a big birthday coming up on July 21st I will be 40 eeek. So this is my special 40th birthday treat to me.

Now I am planning on making another blooming flower cushion for my youngest in totally different colours. However because this will take a while I am going to add this to my list, a simple sewing pattern.9 square cushion . I bought these fabric remnants from ebay an age ago and I am going to use some of these with some fabric from some old cushion covers I plan to recycle. I really like that pink check.

I am also going to include on my list a cross stitch christmas card. I received this pack and have already made one for last christmas which I exchanged in a swap but I want to do another. I think I will make the robin one on the log.

So my list.

Cushion Corner min 2

1. Blooming Flower Cushion, Attic 24  completed 10th July
2. 9 square cushion

Sock Drawer min 3

1. Honey - badger socks

Jumpers/ Cardigans min 1

1. Shalom Cardigan

Toy's min 2

1. Clarence the Cat

Blanket's min 1

planning a crochey blanket

Bag's min 1

Draw string bag, sewing.


1. Cross stitch christmas card

I need to create another page for my list I think.

Linking up with year of projects, if you want to join in pop along. a-year-of-projects

Have a lovely week and well done for reading to the end xxxxxxxx Leah xxxxxxxx

Friday, 8 July 2016

Five on Friday

Hello lovelies,

Well I want to show you this shot I took a few weeks ago now but want to include in this weeks Five on Friday. Our flooring was being done and our friends children came to play. What amused me was this, you can have all the toys in the world but a few stones from the garden provided their fun ...

Next up was baking fun in the kitchen this week. It's good to get bothe of my girls involved in something. Of course disaster struck and all of the little silver balls fell everywhere. It was great fun trying to clear that lot up.

3. Next is this, I am creeping ever so closer to finishing. I just have a couple more rounds to go on the back. Very exciting :)

4. I have been brave and tried to capture a picture of a bumble bee. No where near as good as some images I have seen to grace the internet. I saw a beautiful close up shot of one somewhere and you could really see the intricate details of the bumble bee with beautiful wings. Anyway this is mine, lol you can just make one out if you look carefully. One thing my garden is full of is the buzz of bumblebees this year which has pleased me a great deal.

5. My final image is this little elephant. I don't know where he came from exactly. I suspec she came from grannies house. However this sweet little toy has made it to my sideboard and she may just stay there.

Linking up with Amy at Five on Friday link is here if you want to join in or on my side bar :)

Righto lovelies I am off to read some other blogs ....

see you soon xxxxxxxxxxxx Leah xxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

quietly crocheting

Quietly crocheting .....

And listening ....

Enjoy ..... Leah

Sunday, 3 July 2016

The List

A year of projects, The List 2016-2017.

Well I had forgotton that I had signed up to this until I read my spare moments blog by Celtic Knits.

I have cheekily borrowed a way of grouping my list.

Cushion Corner min 2

1. Blooming Flower Cushion, Attic 24

This is still on my crochet hook so to speak so will be added in this years list.

Here is my progress so far.

The front done and now working on the back. Progress is a lot quicker working on the back. I plan on making another one in different colours so that accounts for my minimum of two. I also wish to make a cable style cushion for my living room/lounge but on the hunt for a suitable pattern.

Sock drawer min 3

There are so many socks to make but the one's in my library on ravelry waiting to be done are these.


I have done a sample swatch, have the right size needles and I am ready to go.

1. Honey-badger socks

Jumpers/Cardigans min 1

This is my down fall. However I am determined to at least try. It may be for me or the kids we shall see.

Toy's min 2

1.  Clarence the Cat, a free kit with a magazine.

Blanket's min 1

Planning a crochet blanket.

Bag's min 1

Plans for this section are a small draw string bag, made by sewing.

Ok so for now my list is quite short but in all honesty I hope achievable for me.

Off to read some other lists now.

Leah xx