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Monday, 29 August 2016

Holiday Catchup

Hi dear readers,

Well I want to show you our holiday photo's. We stayed in Silverdale, Lancashire. It is liturally just up the A6 and about 40 minutes from where we live. We love it here, it is so quiet and peaceful. We went for a caravan holiday this year but if you have been reading my posts we have been bitten by the camping bug lately and will be doing camping for a week next year, not to sure where yet but somewhere in the Lakes.

There is a little secret cove in Silverdale which we always love to go to, it has great views of morcambe sands, quite epic.

For some of these shots I let my eldest have a go, interesting to see what is seen from a childs point of view.

This one really made me smile Miss poser :)

We took a trip out to Morcambe to spend some time at the sea side.

Youngest decided to bury her feet.

And we had a nice rest for seaside donuts.

We had a couple of more excursions but I will show them to you next time.

Now a little progress has been made on my honey badger socks, I have got to the magic part and turned my heel. I have been working on it some more today so hopefully it will grow some more.

And the big thing for me is I have learnt to handwind a hank. I was so happy that I did as have read some horror stories how it can all go horribly wrong.

As you can see I used the knees method.

This is what I want to make with it, this shalom-cardigan I need to do a sample swatch pronto as know that once wound you need to knit with it straight away or the wool will stretch.

Righto lovlies I am off to enjoy the rest of this lovely sunshine. Have a great week. Leah xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Year of projects year 6 - wk 8

Hello dear readers,

Well oh my goodness, have just counted up and I have missed four weeks of year of projects! Where did that time go. It was kind of intentional as I wanted a blogging break as have been on our hols.

To be honest folks I have been very very lazy on the crafting front. Nothing much has happened in that space at all ... I should have re-titled this post as lazy holiday knitting.

This is where I have got to.

The heal .....

I am trying to snatch a few rows today in the middle of washing camping gear. We have just got back from a weekend camping break but more on thay in a min ...

And in more detail ....

I am not putting my list up as really have not started or finished anything so it shall remain in the background for now.

Right on to camping, the kids went to their grans for the weekend so we could have a weekend camping. We have bought a new tent and wanted to try it out with no kiddies around. 

Here it is.... It took nearly an hour to put up and we are pleased all the pieces were there. We stayed at Poplar Grove Farm in Garstang, Lancashire.

It has been absolutely torrential rain all weekend but luckily when we put the tent up the sun came out for a few hours and we managed to relax and watch the beautiful sunset.

At a future date we want to bring the children with us as they will love it here.

The next day we went on a 6 mile walk which ended up being about 8 with getting lost and de-tours etc. We did the tolkien trail which is where the author who wrote the Lord of the Rings wrote and got some of his inspiration as he used to visit his son often who was a student nearby. The route mainly goes by the River Ribble and past Stonyhurst College. It starts and ends at The Shireburn Arms in Hurst Green. There is a street as you pass called Shire Lane , very Lord of the Rings ...

Here is a snippet of our walk....

Have you noticed the steps .... That was part of the walk I most wanted to do but at the end of 8 miles it was a hard slog and uphill as well as we decided to do the walk in reverse.

Right I am off.... Have a lovely week and thanks for reading Leah xxxxx