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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Year of projects - week 20

The List.

Cushion Corner min 2

1. Blooming Flower Cushion, Attic24 completed 10th July

2. 9 square cushion started 16th July

Sock Corner min 3

 1. Honey badger socks started10th July

50% finished

2. Tube socks for Ella

3. Tube socks for Sofia

Jumpers/ Cardigans min 1

1. Shalom Cardigan started 9th Oct

Cowl's/Scarf's min 1

1. Cowl for Virginia  started 13th November

Gloves min 1

1. Hermione Hearts

Toy's min 2

1. Clarence the Cat

Blanket's min 1

1. Sock Yarn Blanket started 27th Oct

Booties min 2

1. Saarjeet's Booties started 18th September - completed 8th Oct

Hello folks,

Ok so I thought I would do an update of my list as my mind has been buzzing with what to make with new yarn in my stash. So I have a couple of additions on the list, namely two pair of tube sock, some gloves and a cowl.

Right so this is my progress to date on my Shalom Cardigan. I am getting quite excited now to see this getting done. I like it as it is knitting up pretty quickly too. When I tried it on you can feel th snugglyness of the yarn. I can not wait to wear it layered with a shirt or something.

I have also cast on this cowl for me called cowl for Virgina Here is the link.

I am going to do two pairs of tube socks , linky is here. I get to learn something new here too as they start off with a turkish cast on which is something I have never done.

I am going to knit Ella's using this...

And Sofia's using this .... if I have enough that is ....

I am also going to make these Hermione gloves, linky here Using this wool....

Actually I have almost forgtten to add the baby booties I made to my list which were a last minute got to do them now kind of thing so booties are on my list now. I want to make another pair too for an older baby.

Right I am going to leave you with this if you want to listen. I am really in to country music in a big way and have discovered a new British band, yep you got that British who want to try and break the American market. So my fellow Americans here is some British country that is on my headphones this week. The Shires ....

Have a lovely week where ever you are friends xxxxx Leah

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Year of Projects - week 19

Hello dear readers,

Well it has been quite busy in the past few weeks and the weather has certainly turned colder with that tell tale cold crisp bite in the air. A winter's edge more than an autumn one.

Well folks I have started The sock yarn blanket. I am doing Shelly Kang's version sock-yarn-blanket. I had difficulty with my first square and glad this was my practise one. It started off well but to me it ended a bit messily at the corner. It was also the most tiniest, tiny of itty bitty squares.

Needless to say I have upscaled my needles to 3mm, to make the squares slightly. This is my progress so far ...

Just three squares. I think this will take quite some time to do lol. However I think I will buy some of those mini skeins you can get as I will have to knit up a lot of socks to reach my goal otherwise.

I had some time off from work with a few very selfish days to myself the other week which was utterly lovely. It gave me the chance to work on my Shalom Cardigan.

This is where I am with that, nearly up to the arms bit ...

I also had chance to tidy up my knitting cupboard, which was this ....

And became this ... a little bit more ordered

Don't you feel soooo much better after a good tidy up. I love looking at the different yarns I had forgotton and thinking of all the exciting possibilities.

I have a new needle case too :) Which is very much needed.

I love the cute woodland fabric of it.

I enjoy this time of year when Autumn has landed and I get to wear my hand knits. It was a joy to get these out again that I made the other year.. I want to make a pair in mustard for my sister at some point. I think these will need adding to my list.

My eldests school has been getting creative too and I could not resist buying one of the hand made poppies and my eldest daughter bought a new scrunchie for her hair. Isn't the poppy fabric lovely?

On my time off we paid a trip to IKEA . Oh how I love that place, I could spend hours and hours just wondering and imagining what to do with this space and that. My eyes popped when I stopped at the fabrics...

We bought a few things, namely storage but that's a little bit boring to show you.

I finished up reading Christmas Party by Carole Matthews. I really enjoyed it actually. It was a lighthearted read. Nothing too challenging about it and if you have read it I felt quite sorry for Tyler in the end.  Well worth reading. It is amazing how the author has written one whole book centered around one christmas party. Quite an accomplishment.

I have aquired two new books... these two...

The second is three stories in one book. Iris and Ruby by Rosie Thomas, My Best Friends Girl by Dorothy Koomson and Indiscretion by Jude Morgan.

This is the book I am reading now. 

I am five chapters in and it is very much an analysis of the characters, very deep, very involved. Jodie normally writes about a crime that has been comitted and the court drama following the events. I am not quite sure how this book will turn out yet or if there will even be a crime.

Other news is we had a fantastic time at bonfire night last night.

Here's a snippet of our night ... I have just about managed to thaw out lol....

Thank you for reading ... Have a lovely week.... Leah