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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Post Christmas Catchup

Hello dear readers,

Well my house is chaotic, Christmas is done and a jolly good time we had too. The kids were not feeling their best as full of the dreaded lurgy and coughing all over the place, bless them but we made the most of it. We were sad that we could not do our usual visits as would not want to pass on the lurgy and we are really hoping that both girls can shake it off before New Years.

However Christmas Day really was lovely and Santa delivered to the little people on his good list.  I am now enjoying the days in between of quiet and rest before welcoming the new year in.

I am enjoying gazing at our Christmas tree and all the twinkling lights...

This was the sight when santa had been .... when all the little children were fast asleep...

I did not manage to do my cross stitch for the eldests christmas stocking as alas I ran out of blue floss, how frustrated was I ....

This is the point I am up to folks ...

I have plenty for the rest but just not enough for the blue. So this is going to be in next years christmas stocking instead.

My eldest received this beautiful sewing kit .... and storage box. I really have my eye on it but I am hoping this will encourage my eldest to have a go.

Eldest also received a knitting kit so going to try and teach her again. I tried teaching my eldest a few years ago and she was frustrated to say the least so now may be the time to try again ... if not we will try my other love crochet... I am loving the zappy colours ...
We will have fun I am sure ... maybe we could make a garland? ... watch this space ...

With this christmas break I have had the time to colour and have enjoyed spending time with both of my girls just sitting, chatting, singing (rather tunelessly) and colouring. I have nearly finished this one which I have been doing in bits when time allowes throughout the year.

I got to finish this book too ... The Watchmaker of Filigree Street...by Natasha Pulley.

There is a classic saying do not judge a book by it's cover and this is certainly one of those.Idid not enjoy it one bit. I thought it was one of the most dullest, boring books I have ever read. I found it very hard reading mainly because it was so dull. I had to re-read several parts at least twice over ... by the end I could not have cared less who had done what and I was relieved it had ended. It had such a pretty cover and I was looking forward to it immensely but alas not the book for me. Maybe you may have a different view to me but you have been warned ...

My next book is Below Stairs The bestselling Memoirs of a 1920's Kitchen Maid by Margeret Powell.

I have also inherited some books from my mother in law. Some of these I passed on to my mum but I kep three of them.

So my 2017 reading material is sorted lol ....

This time of year always sees me sorting and de-cluttering and I have managed to get a few bags together for donation ...

Further plans for this afternoon will be going through some more of the children's old toys and seeing what I can get away with giving away.

I am also working on a cowl for me ... just started it really.. but this is the progress so far.

Righto folks I am off.... Have a super lovely New Year!! Xxxx Leah Xxxxxx

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Year of projects -week 25

Hello lovely readers,

Week 25! How on earth did that manage to creep by? I have had a bit of a blogging break but very unintentional. I am looking forward to catching up with this group and it's going on's on the Ravellry group.

First up a thank you to my blog friend Sara from mywoodlandgarden for your surprise christmas card and beautiful decoration.

It has taken up a spot on our christmas tree.

And above is a little bit more christmas decor :)

We have a very excited household....

Other things that have kept me away from blogging and distracting my mind a lot is house viewing, as we have an offer on our house now. We are now on the hunt for a house to move to. Easier said than done folks but we will get there I'm sure.

Ok so today I can officially say that my Shalom Cardigan is done. It has been blocked and my button sewed on. I love it and I can not wait to wear it. I know I will get lots and lots of wear out of it.

I chose this button from my button collection as I think the pattern works well against the plain colour wool.

And a photo of me in it lol xxxx

Now the next project I have started is a key ring cross stitch which I want to add to eldests christmas stocking.

Right folks that's my life to date. Have a fabulous christmas everyone xxxx Leah