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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

February catchup

Hello folks,

Just a catchup to show you whats going on. I have a finished tadahh :) My cowl. Very pleased with how it has turned out. Initially I was not too sure of the yarn but I have grown to like it. It feels super snuggly, perfect for winter walks.

It just needs to be blocked :) The colours remind me of squirrals or foxes.

Happy valentines! This is a beautiful card my daughter was gifted from her gran, we have not opened it yet it just looks too nice.

Flowers have been adourning my home. These daffodils are faded now but still beautiful.

I also received these lovely flowers from my ever thoughtful mum.

The chinese new year has been celebrated and my eldest made these amazing chinese lanterns.

I have just finished this book, my spare room. My mum gave it to me a good while ago. Yes it is very good writing but very very sad but I guess quite honest. It is about a lady who lets her friend who has terminal cancer stay in her spare room for three weeks. It is very frank. I always think you learn a great deal from reading and this is one of those books.  It is from the carer/friends point of view and the enormous hard work involved looking after her friend. It also touches upon unscrupulous medics taking advantage, charging lots of money for treatments that are a fad. Glad I read it. It has made me appreciate my own MIL's work that she does in a hospice.

This is the book I am reading now ... hopefully will be able to review it for you next time.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week .....Leah xxxxxx


  1. Love your cowl, and the beautiful flowerson your post.

  2. lovely cowl, perfect weather for it.

  3. I have a classmate who is required to read the Prisoner of Tehran. I love the cowl, very nice...smiles

  4. Love the cowl, such beautiful yarn. I love daffodils such a lovely flower marking for the start of Spring.

  5. Your cowl is very pretty and yet practical too. I love daffodils in the house at this time of year, so very cheering:)

  6. The cowl looks super. I've got daffs too, so sunny on a grey day. CN x

  7. The Chinese lantern is so beautiful..My son made the same in during his Kindergarten, grade 1 , and grade2...

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  8. Hello dearest Leah, the cowl is very beautiful... and indeed there are the colours of a cute squirrel (in his winter coat). :)
    Such wonderful flowers and I wouldn't say those daffodils are faded!
    The Chinese lanterns are lovely as well and the paper used is very pretty.
    Wishing you a sunny and happy weekend! xx

  9. that is one beautiful cowl that you finished!! Love the lace stitch and the colors :)

  10. Your cowl is beautiful and I love the colours. Spring flowers are so welcome at this time of year. Have a good weekend.

  11. A beautiful cowl, and how lovely to have so many flowers! I hope your weekend is going well!

  12. Your Cowl looks lovely Leah. Thank you for sharing a link to the pattern. It would be better than a Scarf for wearing when I cycle to work. Spring has sprung here in Sussex. I picked a few Daffodils to bring indoors today. They look the same as yours. Take care now. Marion

  13. The colours on your cowl are beautiful. Vey foxy indeed

  14. Hello Leah, thank you for your visit to my blog & the lovely comment you left me. I think your cowl is absolutely beautiful & love the colours you have used. Your daffys look so pretty .... remind me of spring so much. Julie xxx