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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Year of projects - wk 29

Hi folks,

Well I really need to check in with this group but my creative endevours have been slightly on the back burner. House hunting has taken over my life right now and it has been very stressful. I know I should take stock but gee wizz I did not think it would be this emotional.  The Friday just gone saw me running around like a goodness knows what. I had to see the solicitor, then view house, then the excitement of putting in an offer, visiting estate agents, then being outbid, then coming to the realisation that you know what we would not go for it anyway, kind of a relief. It has left me exhausted to say the least. Any way onwards and upwards.

I remember speaking to a chap back in October who did our energy certificate and he talked about his own experience and the frustrations of it all, oh how right was he. At the moment we are at the point where we have an offer but we can't find anywhere so realistically we may lose the buyer but there you go. We decided that we would not move unless we could find a house, however there are no houses in our price bracket that are nice. We wanted to view a lovely property the other week but it got snapped right up and we did not get the chance to even view it.

Now we are on a waiting game for new properties to come on the market.

Anyway I am going to make it an objective to turn to my knitting and focus on that to try and chillax a bit. I have made a little progress with my cowl.

I have to say I am not overly enthusiastic about it because the colour choice is not what I would go for but I may change my tune when I finish it.

I managed to finish a spot of adult colouring, this has taken me the most part of a year to do lol.

I have finished this book...

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I like to know about the era my great gran, and my gran lived in. The lady who wrote these memoirs passed over in 1984 and my goodness look at all the changes she would have lived through. When reading this she was so down to earth in her writing I was quite shocked at times.

This is a bit of info ...

As a kitchen maid - the lowest of the low - she entered an entirely new world, one of stoves to be blacked,  vegetables to be scrubbed, mistresses to be appeased, and even bootlaces to be ironed. Work started at 5.30 a.m. and went on until after dark. It was a far cry from her child hood on the beeches of Hove, where money and food were scarce, but love and laughter never were.

My next book is this ...

Which briefly is about Helen who offers her old friend Nicola her spare room. I think it will be a very sad read as her friend is not well. I will let you know how it goes when I review it.

I also want to share with you our walk we took a few weeks ago around Worden Park...

It was a cold frosty day but my daughters had fun on the play things ...

We visited the duck pond ... I have to say that this has been an awful  sight to see for a long time as the council have had to dredge the pond. I am so pleased it is back to it's former glory and it has a new walk way to view the pond as well.

We spotted new plants trying to peep through the soil ...

We walked and scooted round the walled garden ...

We spotted a Mulberry tree and this tree is 150 years old, quite amazing. I wonder what that tree has seen and heard in it's time ...

We said hello to the scarecrow ...

And visited the animals in the pets area ...

Oh how I love this park, it is trully beautiful.

See you soon dear readers, Leah xxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 2 January 2017


Hello New Year and to you dear readers,

I am optomistic for this coming year and yes there will be change. I am hoping this year is kind to me and my family but as with all ups and downs we will muddle through whatever life decides to chuck at us.

So  here is my reflections on the past twelve months, all the nice bits of course.


This saw me knitting socks and learning about sizing. Sock making is an adventure I will be carrying on this year. January saw winter walks in the rain and muddy puddles. My eldest Miss Ella was practising so hard with her ballet as well but later on in the year she decided to stop, I listened as she just did not enjoy it anymore.


Saw me baking lots of Banana Loaf. We had plenty of visits from my new niece. I finished my socks in time for mum's birthday and Miss Ella got creative too and tried her hand at knitting with a loom.


Saw an explosion of colour and gardening, I tought the girls how to grow there own. The stripey socks got gifted, Miss Ella got creative with the camera effects :)


Saw daffodils, visits to my mum's in Lancaster, finished baby booties and the beginnings of a crochet flower cushion.


Visits to garden centers, colouring, gardening, good books, visits from my niece and playing out in the garden.


Saw fun in the sun, surprise Lupins, my long awaited new side cabinet and pretty china cups. It saw art therapy colouring and new growth in the garden and fairy wings.


We had our holiday in Silverdale, Lancashire and had outings in the beautiful Lake District and Morcombe seaside beech visits. This month saw me get out my sewing machine and plan a cushion. The flowers in the garden truly exploded. We found time to bake and I started some purple socks .... still not finished these but will be done this year.


We combated The Tolkien Trail a good ten mile walk and managed not to get too lost. We set up camp and pitched up our new tent to trial it ... this year is the year we are doing a family camping trip instead of the usual caravaning, still up in the Lakes but a different place this time. We were dazzled by Chorley Flower show and all the exhibits. I learnt to wind a hank of yarn using the knee method.


We really got in to the walking malarky and I climbed a mountain, we did Helvellyn. Huge achievement for me, won't be doing that one again. I finished my first honey badger sock as mentioned above the second to be done this year. We saw the preparations for Haloween very early but most things are these days if you have noticed christmas preparations seem to start somewhere in October. We had my beautiful nieces christening.


We saw surprise flowers and unusual sunshine for this time of year. I watched the leaves slowly turn their golden colours a lot later than usual. I finished a pair of booties for an expected new arrival, I started my Shalom cardigan and a sock yarn blanket that will take forever ....


We enjoyed all the fun of bonfire night and the bangs of fireworks. We had the odd duvet day and cozy days when too cold to venture out.


And what's not to love about December, christmas walks and beautiful decorations, bouncing children. I finished up the Shalom cardigan and started a cowl.

So this is my round up of 2016 and my message for 2017 is I am ready and waiting, bring it on xxxx

 Wishing you all a fantastic new year friends xxxxxx Leah xxxx